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The Holy Spirit Likes to Show Up When You Do THIS

As I’m learning to taste and see God’s goodness, one powerful transformation in my life is this deep desire to experience God’s presence around the table with others. I long for meals to be memorable, table time to become transformation time. That’s a healthy desire,...

How to Read the Bible With Fresh Eyes and a Full Heart

Some books are finished after the manuscript is delivered to the printer. Others have just begun. This summer many of you have joined me for the Scouting the Divine Bible study. And this adventure, in many ways, is just beginning. The people I describe in its pages...

Here’s God’s Real Labor of Love

I AM the vine. Long before Jesus took on the imagery of the vineyard for Himself, God had been using vineyard imagery to communicate His heart to the people. The Song of Vineyard is nestled in Isaiah 5:1-7. This delicate yet ferocious poem provides the most detailed...

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