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How to Live a Better Story

Well-told stories capture the imagination, inspire the soul, awaken the spirit. Well-crafted stories can also cast a dark shadow, embed prejudices, invoke enmity. Like dynamite, a well-devised story requires careful handling, great attention to detail, accurate...

The Uncommon Cure for Anxiety and Fear

Did you know one of the most common prayer requests I receive circles around fear? Fear over job security. Fear over finances. Fear over broken marriages—or perpetual singleness. Fear over diagnosis. Fear over kiddos. We live in an anxiety-laden culture—fear lurks in...

The One Prayer You Need to Pray Today

On far too many days I read the Bible and don’t connect. It feels flat. Cold. Distant. The pages may contain timeless tales, but they feel boring. Flat. Stiff. They feel written endless miles away, in distant cultures, far off lands, a way of life I can’t relate to no...
What If God Gave You Everything You Ever Wanted?

What If God Gave You Everything You Ever Wanted?

Sometimes my prayers look like a laundry-list of to-dos. Like a 7-year-old who creates their Christmas wish-list in July, I stack request after request to God. Dear God, Mend. Heal. Redeem. Release. Forgive. Provide. Bring. Carry. Choose. Give. Fix. Help. Make. Do....

Here’s How to Recognize God’s Presence Today

I don’t know about you, but on so many days I wish God would show his face, speak up so I could be sure, draw an arrow on the ground so I know the way. I find myself frustrated with the lack of direction… with the lack of God’s tangible presence… with my lack of...

Little Known Lessons from Scripture

My friends will tell you I’m a lot like Dora-the-Explorer meets Dory from Finding Nemo. I love adventures… and I call Leif for help finding the cell phone…. That I used to call him. *Facepalm* One of my favorite adventures still haunts me today. I spent a year with...