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I’ve been waiting to tell you for six, yes, six months. It’s been burning in me. But I’ve been unable to talk about it. Leif has watched me melt into a blubbery pool every time I’ve tried to say the words aloud.

I’ve spent months praying and praying, often weeping, for our city, state, nation, and most importantly, YOU! 

This is the last thing I want to do. The risks are sky-high on every level. But I’ve finally surrendered, and said, God, I will do this out of obedience and trust in you. 

Once things calm down from Covid-19, we will be hosting the inaugural, The Joy Conference, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I’ve hand-selected speakers whose messages have resonated deep within me and I believe will transform you. We’re going to have melt-your-face-off worship. Since I’m hosting, you can guarantee it’s going to be a celebration and party you don’t want to miss!

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The Joy Conference | Salt Lake City, Utah, May 1-2, 2020


The Joy Conference | Salt Lake City, Utah, May 1-2, 2020

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