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I’m Margaret Feinberg.

I’m a passionate writer, quirky speaker, and funny Bible teacher who wants to help you elevate your faith, spark your joy, and love your precious life.

My happiest days are spent in my jammies laughing, being silly, and making new besties.


Join Me in the Book of Mark

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Through vulnerable storytelling, a difficult diagnosis, and a good dose of humor, Margaret Feinberg reveals how joy is more than whimsy. It’s the weapon you can use to fight life’s battles. Fight Back With Joy will help you:

  • Expand your joy threshold
  • Escape fear and regret
  • Overcome depression
  • Discover freedom
  • Rise above endless demands

No matter what your circumstances, you can practice defiant joy. When you do, you will embrace a life that’s richer and fuller than you’ve ever known before—a life radiant with joy.

Without This One Thing Your Soul Will Be Like Swiss-Cheese

This past weekend I attended a special meeting with Leadership Network which serves churches throughout the United States and world. Through every message, especially one taught by Larry Osbourne, a theme emerged. This one word is potent. It shapes our attitudes, our...

With a unique blend of enthusiasm and encouragement, best-selling author Margaret Feinberg offers a year of weekly devotions that will awaken our souls to a life of fullness and joy that spills over to bless others. Featuring Dive Deeper Scripture references, reflections, and prayers for each devotion, Flourish challenges us to live more fully, create more actively, and be more engaged in the present moment. Feinberg’s signature coloring pages are woven throughout, making Flourish an interactive spiritual experience.

What's your One Word for 2018?Let me help you.