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5 Tips for Dealing with a Difficult Small Group Member

Maybe like me, you’ve been part of a small group where one or two people make it, ahem, challenging to stay focused on the Scripture and spiritual growth.

Maybe you’ve got a talker who takes so long to tell a story there’s no time for anyone else. Or maybe you’ve got a member that pipes up with the “right answer’ so quickly that there’s no space for anyone else to wrestling through the question. Or maybe you’ve got a member that never says a word.

What do you do? 

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I’ve read the book of James hundreds of times, but recently learned something new that changed the way I read it forever.

Even though Jesus’ name is only explicitly mentioned twice in the entire book of James, scholars note that James sounds more like Jesus than any other letter in the New Testament—even those written by Paul or John. 😮

James Bible Study by Margaret Feinberg

Hey friends!

I’ve been teaching the Bible for more than 25 years, and if there’s one book that has taught me that what I do matters, it’s the book of James. I suspect you’ve felt that way, too.

James calls us to examine the gaps between what we believe and how we’re living. A call to action, the letter of James is clear: what you do matters!

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If you take the Sermon on the Mount and overlay it with the book of James, you’ll find oodles of connection. Penned by the half-brother of Jesus, James sounds more like Jesus than any other New Testament writer. The short letter is packed with doable and down-to-earth teaching, golden treasures of wisdom, and a timely call for believers everywhere to grow into maturity.

Join beloved Bible teacher, Margaret Feinberg, in a rich, fresh study of James that will uncover the genuine markers of real faith, equip you to break free from old patterns by developing new practices, and discover how the Father of heavenly lights treasures you.

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