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How to Become the Host or Hostess With the Mostess

How to Become the Host or Hostess With the Mostess

Most of us are skilled at hiding our own shortcomings in everyday life. But have you ever noticed that something happens when you gather around the table? Our warts have a way of coming out. If you don’t believe me…think back to a holiday meal. Most of us can recount...

Join the launch team for Taste and See!

When I wrote Fight Back With Joy, I honestly thought it might be my last book. So it’s with great celebration, a 10-second dance party, and some serious woot woot, that I get to announce to the world the launch of Taste and See: Discovering God Among Butchers, Bakers,...

The Holy Spirit Likes to Show Up When You Do THIS

As I’m learning to taste and see God’s goodness, one powerful transformation in my life is this deep desire to experience God’s presence around the table with others. I long for meals to be memorable, table time to become transformation time. That’s a healthy desire,...

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