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Ooh La La! The Best, Easiest Dessert Table Ever + Other Brilliant Ideas

One of the great joys of speaking at events is getting to see all the stunning, beautiful, creative event ideas. The best part: YOU can use them at your gatherings of friends, book clubs, Bible studies, and retreats, too.

When I saw this at an event recently, I thought… “That’s BRILLIANT!” Do you recognize what it is?

You Won’t Believe this RIDICULOUSLY Awesome Story!

Recently, Leif and I volunteered to serve and encourage pastors in New England. It’s an annual activity that we love. Pastors and their spouses are heroes! One particular story that took my breath away.

One of the pastors’ wives shared that she’d been opening her life to the power and work of the Holy Spirit. Asking God to use and lead her. 

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