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How muffin top saved me + might save you too

So I recently shared an ode to muffin top and how I’ve gained some weight during 2020 (which many of us have). But I HAD NO IDEA those extra pounds would save me!

Leif and I swim a lot, so we decided to get CPR/Lifeguard training to help anyone distressed in the water.

This ONE Word Will Change Your Life (Promise)

Do you ever take yourself and your work too seriously? I’m guilty of this. When I’m under stress, I become a task-oriented monster. Get it done. Get it done. Get it done. Then super frustrated if it doesn’t get done. Just last week I had a day where I worked 10 hours...

That Time I Met a Prophet with a Cookie

I recognized the cookie long before I recognized the prophet. “I felt like the Lord told me to give this to you,” Suzanne said, handing me a cookie. I stared at the one eyed creature. “When I saw this I felt like God was saying, ‘You have doMINION over the...

Say Goodbye to That Bothersome Word, Phrase, or Expression

Each January I suggest that, we need to learn to retire a few words from our vocabulary. Why? New words are being introduced into our language all the time. Five years ago we didn’t have man caves, gastropubs, or mash-ups. Well, we did—we just didn’t know what to call...

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