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The Holy Spirit Likes to Show Up When You Do THIS

As I’m learning to taste and see God’s goodness, one powerful transformation in my life is this deep desire to experience God’s presence around the table with others.

I long for meals to be memorable, table time to become transformation time.

That’s a healthy desire, but let’s be honest, it can feel gawky and awkward whenever forced.

If I ask Sunday school-like questions, all too often, I receive Sunday school-like answers.

And I long for more. My hunch is that you do, too.

Taste and See: Discovering God among Butchers, Bakers, and Fresh Food Makers

Over the last few months, I’ve been playing with language on how to create a safe space to engage in these conversations more intentionally.

I’ve been stumbling forward, slowly finding a way.

I no longer wait for people to gather around a table to pray for the meal.

I start in the morning, much earlier in the day.

Asking God to grace us with His presence, surprise us in delicious ways. This raises the level of expectation for how God might want to break in as we break bread.

(I describe this in depth in the Taste and See DVD Bible study—preorder here).

As dishes of roasted vegetables and grilled meats circle the table, the conversation naturally unfolds around the common questions—work updates, kiddo accomplishments, how couples met, latest travels.

But somewhere during the evening, I slip in my new favorite question:

 Where do you most see the Holy Spirit working in your life right now?

 People answer in a myriad of ways. They share from their work, their studies, their families, their pasts. Some interpret the question as one of where they sense God’s presence; others interpret the question as one of calling.

As we circle the table talking about the Holy Spirit, more often than not, it’s almost as if the Spirit pulls up a chair and He leans in on the conversation rapt with every word. By the time each person shares, a sense of connection with God and each other rests around the table.

This question has renewed my anticipation for gathering around the table with new people, soon-to-be-friends. Perhaps because I’m inviting the guest I really want most to be there.

When the Holy Spirit graces our tables with His presence, we are satiated in ways we never knew possible.

God is the One who presence we feast on.

God is the One who invites us to dine with Him.

God is the One who sews hearts together.

Will you begin inviting the Holy Spirit to your next meal?

Long before the food touches the cutting board or emerges from the oven. Long before the guests arrive or the server takes your order. Long before you take your first bite.

Will you ask those you eat with where they sense the Holy Spirit working in their life right now?

It may feel strange or awkward at first, but with a little practice, you may discover yourself feasting on God, not just good food.

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Taste and See: An Aspiring Foodie’s Search for God Among Butchers, Bakers, and Fresh Food Makers Bible study

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