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Love Will Do This One Thing

Ever have one of those frustrating moments, when you can’t help but think, What just happened?

I just drove 20 minutes, one-way, to the pool, only to discover my pool bag–with goggles, towel, and everything I need to swim–wasn’t in the car.

Only I hadn’t moved it.

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One Prayer for Today

Hey Friends!

I’ve been diving deep into study on Holy Spirit–especially in the Old Testament.

I was raised on the idea that Holy Spirit really came at Pentecost. And the Spirit did, in demonstrative power. But man alive, if you look throughout the Old Testament, you’ll find God’s Spirit -e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

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Powerful Hope for When Life is Too Much to Bear

Perhaps today, you find yourself in the midst of the unknown. Waiting for that which is not yet. Waiting for decisions to be made outside your control. Waiting for clarity amid the fogginess in your physical body, finances, or future.

You know you won’t be where you are forever, yet you don’t know how long until things change.

The middle aches with unmet expectations, lingering disappointments, and a litter of chaos thrown in.

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What I Saw at the Asbury Outpouring

I didn’t write you last week, because I felt compelled to go to Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. If you haven’t heard, on February 8, students remained after a chapel service for more worship and prayer. This sparked a round the clock worship and prayer with people soon coming in from around the United States and world.

After two days of delayed flights and a battle with sudden sickness, I arrived on Friday morning to thousands standing outside Asbury’s Hughes Auditorium waiting to get in. What I saw inside the auditorium was spectacularly unremarkable. …keep reading 🙂

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3 Words You Need Today

Hey friend,   The other day I was praying and sensed three words I needed to share with you.   In the midst of a world ransacked by uncertainty, polarization, confusion, consumerism, and division,   I sense the Holy Spirit whispering three words to...

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God Often Disguises the Good Stuff

Hey friend,

As we near the celebration of the infant’s birth, it’s worth noting, as Fred Craddock says, “God often disguises the good stuff.”

+ No one ever expected a fallible man from Ur to become the father of the faithful.

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God’s Best Medicine for the Holiday Blues

Hey friend,

We were overwhelmed with all responses to the post about The Undoing–the idea that in Advent, perhaps Jesus wants to meet you in what you leave undone, as you create space for Him to undo things in you. So many of you are embracing a lower key holiday season and finding the feelings of being overwhelmed are sloughing off.

Now if you’re struggling this holiday season, and believe me, I get it!, we need to rediscover some of God’s best medicine.  

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What if the Secret Gift of Advent is for You?

Sunday kicked off Advent 2022. I want to know how you are preparing your heart and mind in this sacred season of waiting for Christ’s birth.

This year, I sense the Spirit whispering that God wants to meet many of us in The Undoing.

What do I mean? 

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5 Hyper-Practical Tactics to Have the Best Holiday Season Ever

The holidays are here! Grand celebrations and togetherness, generational recipes, and table time arrive alongside personal pain, heartbreak, and age-old grievances (not to mention that crazy uncle who can turn any conversation into a political debate).

Here are 5 hyper-practical tactics to help YOU flourish this Thanksgiving: 

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