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How to Read the Bible With Fresh Eyes and a Full Heart

Some books are finished after the manuscript is delivered to the printer. Others have just begun. This summer many of you have joined me for the Scouting the Divine Bible study. And this adventure, in many ways, is just beginning. The people I describe in its pages...

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Here’s God’s Real Labor of Love

I AM the vine. Long before Jesus took on the imagery of the vineyard for Himself, God had been using vineyard imagery to communicate His heart to the people. The Song of Vineyard is nestled in Isaiah 5:1-7. This delicate yet ferocious poem provides the most detailed...

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The Secret Strategy to Multiply Your Productivity

Several years ago, I spent time with several vintners to better understand vine and wine imagery throughout the Bible. This became the foundation for a portion of the Scouting the Divine book and Bible study—this is the Bible study we’re diving into during our online...

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The Magic and Mystery of Honeybees

I asked my sweet friend, the Rev. H. Elizabeth Back, an Episcopal priest and beekeeper to share what she’s discovered about God through her beehive. I hope her words will be as much of a blessing to you as they are me: Jesus first made himself known to me when I was...

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How to Live a Better Story

Well-told stories capture the imagination, inspire the soul, awaken the spirit. Well-crafted stories can also cast a dark shadow, embed prejudices, invoke enmity. Like dynamite, a well-devised story requires careful handling, great attention to detail, accurate...

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The Uncommon Cure for Anxiety and Fear

Did you know one of the most common prayer requests I receive circles around fear? Fear over job security. Fear over finances. Fear over broken marriages—or perpetual singleness. Fear over diagnosis. Fear over kiddos. We live in an anxiety-laden culture—fear lurks in...

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