7 Ways to Fill the World with Joy Today

As children of God, we’re meant to live with a vibrant joy… to heralding the arrival of God’s kingdom… to pound the doors of every human heart with hilarity and celebration until the last prodigal crosses heaven’s threshold. The last hardened heart is rend, and the last older brother plucks his fingers from his ears.

While researching for Fight Back With Joy: Celebrate More. Regret Less. Stare Down Your Greatest Fear., I discovered the miracle of joy, namely, you can give joy away even when you don’t have it. When you give joy, you’re filled with more joy.

Here are 7 practical ways you can fill the world with joy today: 

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Am I the Only One Who Wonders… Where Is God?


NOTE: I wrote this blog post on Sunday afternoon before the tragic shootings in Las Vegas. Like you, I woke up to the horror. My prayers are heavy today. 

Sometimes I wonder… where is God?

Maybe you wonder too?

For us wonderers… here’s comfort from the beauty of Scripture. read more…

11 Ways to Love Your Leader for Pastor Appreciation Month

Some days I suspect the speed of change is surpassing the speed of sound.

The explosion of change in technology, communication, and the world booms all around. In the clamor, I anchor myself to the ancient truths found in the person of Jesus of Christ.

I’m not alone.

Millions upon millions of others have answered the call to follow Jesus. Despite the booming, noisy changes all around, they continue following, obeying, and responding to Jesus.

Day after day.

Week after week.

Month after month.

Year after year.

Until they’ve followed Jesus for a lifetime. These are my heroes.

Many of them work and serve in your church.

These pastors and leaders make mighty sacrifices to serve you.

October is when to celebrate them during Pastor Appreciation Month. (But I suspect anytime is a good time to recognize these men and women.)

Here are 11 ways to say Thank You:

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The One Question You Need You To Ask Today

I recently shared a cockamamie story of feeling led to give away McDonald dollars to someone I’d just met named Patton.

Maybe, like me, you’ve wrestled with the questions…

Is this a step of faith or a fabrication?

Is this a moment of Immanuel or my imagination?

In the post, How to Hear from God, I provide 5 crucial questions to ask to determine if that nudge is from God.

But we need to ask another crucial question… and not just when we’re trying to hear from God.

The question we need to ask:

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How to Pray During a Hurricane

Another hurricane hits our nation. In the wake of Harvey, Irma creepily crawls up the coast of Florida.

Like you, so many friends and family are holed up in hotels and basements and bathtubs right now. Watching. Praying. Waiting.

Born near Cocoa Beach, Florida, I learned the hurricane drill all too well. Boards. Screws. Sandbags. Packing. Traffic. Sold-out bread and water and Duck Tape and blue tarps. Bare shelves. No more gas. No more places to stay inland.

The stress… the extreme stress of preparing and packing, waiting and watching…

The sense… of driving away and knowing life you once knew may be lost… that you may come back to nothing…

The losses… of roofs and homes and inventory and businesses and hospital care and life as you know it…

The wait… as we wait and we pray…and maybe like me, you wonder how to pray when you don’t know what to pray…

I’ve been wrestling with a question over the last few weeks:

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Small Group Golden Toolbox of Ideas and Resources

More than anything, I want you to grow in your relationship with Jesus this fall.

That’s why I’ve put together a golden toolbox of resources for you and your church leaders.

In this free gift, you’ll find icebreaker questions, experiential activities, a connection sheet, and an outline to develop expectations for your specific group (i.e. what’s said in the group, stays in the group). read more…

New Advent Devotional: Your Invitation to Celebrate the Wonder and Joy of Advent

Following the spring Lent Bible study, many of you wrote and asked, “Will you do one for Advent?”

I’m not sure if it was the 4th or the 14th or the 40th request that convinced me, but I have some exciting news.

But before we get to that…

If you thumb through Scripture, you can’t help but notice how waiting weaves itself into the fabric of history.

God waits.

Creation waits.

Humankind waits.

We wait for reconciliation and redemption, healing and wholeness.

For four hundred years, the prophets wait in silence for a syllable from God.

All heaven and humanity hold their breath for the arrival of Immanuel.

Deep in the fabric of our souls, we wonder, “How long must we wait?” Well, the answer… read more…

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