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This One Discovery in Israel Shocked Me!

I made an incredible discovery when I was in Israel recently! 

I spent several weeks doing deep research throughout the tiny country and geeking out studying at the world-class Israel Museum in Jerusalem. 

One particular display caught my eye: two ankle bones pinned together by a long metal nail. 

Are YOU walking in abundance or depletion?

My bestie Leif has been on a road trip visiting family and friends, and I’ve had a few days to myself to rest, relax, and practice some life-giving self-care.

To be honest, I’ve become run down and depleted. Maybe you have, too? …a.n.y.o.n.e.?

How muffin top saved me + might save you too

So I recently shared an ode to muffin top and how I’ve gained some weight during 2020 (which many of us have). But I HAD NO IDEA those extra pounds would save me!

Leif and I swim a lot, so we decided to get CPR/Lifeguard training to help anyone distressed in the water.

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