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What will you tell your children? Your grandchildren? Your nieces? Your nephews?

What will be your legacy?

This is a question we must all must face.

And one that’s raised by Day Three of the Lent Challenge. In John 1:35-51, we stand wide-eyed as Jesus issues a holy ruckus of an invitation to the first disciples.

Followers like Andrew. Simon Peter. Philip. Ornery Nathanael (my personal fave).

The passage lit up like as I circled the verbs, underlined the names, and followed the places using the Color Method.

That’s when I began to see.

No, really see.

Did you see?

Did you notice all the references to eyes being opened and looking and seeing?

Jesus turned and saw them…
“Come and see.”
They came and saw…
Jesus looked at him…
“Come and see.”
When you were under the fig tree, I saw you.
You will see heaven opened…

All the open eye begin with Jesus…He turned and saw them.

Today, Jesus sees you.

Those words are rich invitation to embark on the adventure of the God-life today. To live wide-eyed for the ways the Holy Spirit may be leading and nudging you.

The other detail I couldn’t help but notice was the wide spectrum of ways Jesus met each person.

With the words, “Behold the Lamb of God!”, two of John the Baptizer’s disciples become follower of Jesus.

When Andrews “brought him to Jesus,” Simon Peter becomes a follower of Jesus.

When Jesus invites, “Follow me,” Philip becomes a follower of Jesus.

When Jesus reveals an intimate moment, Nathanael becomes a disciple.

The stories of beginning to follow Jesus differ from each other. Jesus uses different means to draw the disciples to Himself.

What does this say to you and me?

We all have a story of how Jesus met us. We all have been seen by God. Some of us were introduced to Christ by family or friends. Others by a divine moment in time. Others in a place or like Nathanael, prophetic moment.

Your story matters because it brags on God’s goodness and faithfulness and intimate involvement in our lives.

Have you told your story recently to your kids? Your grandkids? Your friends? Your neighbors? Your small group?

Have you written your story down so a generation or two from now they will know too? This is something you need to pass down before it’s too late.

Let future generations know of your rich legacy of faith.

Now let me ask you:

What did you least want to read but most need to hear in today’s reading?

(If you have any questions post them below. We’ll be collecting and gathering responses for insight from New Testament scholar, Craig Blomberg in the upcoming weeks).

Day Two: John 1:35-51 Discussion Questions:

How many mentions of “seeing” did you find in this passage?

Do you tend to feel fear or comfort in the knowledge that God sees you? Explain.

In what area of your life, do you most need God to open your eyes to see clearly? Turn this into a prayer.

How did you come to know Jesus? Who was involved in that process?

What do you find most challenging about today’s reading? What do you find most comforting about today’s reading?

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