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Avoid This Everyday Danger

Have you ever known someone whose life looked fabulous from the outside and then one day imploded? Do you ever fear that will be you? I do. Why the concern? No one is immune. Perhaps we become most susceptive when we think it can’t happen to us. An everyday danger...
The 3 Words Those You Love Will Never Tell You

The 3 Words Those You Love Will Never Tell You

Red bows. Evergreen wreathes. Bright white icicle lights. The scent and sounds of holidays surround us. If you’ll look closer, you’ll see the countless brave faces of those you know and love. There are 3 words they want to tell you but can’t. The single mom who...

The secret she can’t tell you…

Oh, if only you knew… Breathless. Write the name you’ve called yourself for far too long on the stone, then leave them at the altar. In the darkness, we penned our words. Stones pile high.   The secret names we spoke over ourselves. Too many times to count....

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