Write Brilliant

Oh sweet friends,

One of my friends, J, called today to catch up and we talked about our writing and what were learning, and exchanged funny stories.

The conversation took on a different pulse when J started sharing some of the ways God had been speaking to him through dreams and confirming the messages through complete strangers.

I shared that just last night I dreamed about my friend, A, who was on an an airline. The place she sat was like a long tube. All around her were crocheted and handmade blankets and pillows of bright, stunning colors created by family and friends who loved her.

I texted A about the dream and encouraged her that she’s enveloped in God’s love and the love of so many. I haven’t heard back. And, to be honest, I don’t need to. I know I’ve already been faithful, and even if the dream wasn’t from God, it’s hard to go wrong when you’re telling someone of God’s love.

Something contagious happens when we pay attention to what God is doing in our lives and share it with others. It’s not just that the pace of our conversation picks up or we lean in, but that we start to think, Oooh! I want to know God like that!

We stir others’ hunger and longing for Jesus and the flourishing life He designed for us to pour out to the world.

As the school calendar kicks off, I want to encourage you to make time to have intentional, spiritual, Jesus conversations, to dive into Scripture with others, and to learn and grow in community.

If you’re looking to spark joy in a weary season, consider the Fight Back With Joy 6-Session Bible study.

If you’re wanting to grow in prayer, check out The Sacred Echo: Hearing God in Every Area of Your Life 6-Session Bible study.

And if you’re want to take the scary out of the book of Revelation, there’s great hope awaiting you in Revelation: Extravagant Hope Bible study.

Whatever book or study you choose, don’t miss the opportunity to have those meaningful conversations and connect with others on a spiritual level. Not only will it fill your soul, but likely others’, too!

I love you,

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