God Created Really Hot Sex

For me, this was by far the easiest week of the 40-Day Bible Reading Challenge during Lent.

If you’ve fallen behind, keep on going. You’re going to love Week Four’s reading. For a free download of the 40-Day Bible Reading Challenge, click here.

Covering the Books of Esther, Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs felt like a crash course in wisdom.

Through these books, I was reminded: 

Don’t miss your moment. [Tweet this]

Never forget that God is a mystery. [Tweet this]

Undeserved suffering isn’t just troublesome today but throughout history. [Tweet this]

Don’t be like Job’s friends. [Tweet this]

Spill your guts, your heart out to God. He can take it. [Tweet this]

Don’t miss any opportunity to join the Hallelujah chorus. [Tweet this]

God is at work in the midst of our every day. [Tweet this]

God cares very much about how we live. [Tweet this]

Small decisions make the biggest differences. [Tweet this]

How you live displays what you truly believe. [Tweet this]

If you put your trust in this world, you’ll be disillusioned. [Tweet this]

God created really hot sex. [Tweet this]

That last one came from reading Song of Songs. Yep. Married couples are intended to have steamy awesomeness together. And that’s a good thing.

What words of wisdom, insight, or reflection stood out to you during his week’s reading?


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