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Margaret —  February 6, 2013 — 248 Comments

The Wonder of Scripture

As many of you know, I’ve fallen in love with Lent. For me, it’s more than a set of dates on the church calendar—it’s a season to passionately pursue God and live wide-eyed to the wonder of who He is.

For me, Lent is the time of year when I tug on Papa’s sleeve and say, “I want more, more, more of you!”

Hungry. Persistent. Expectant.

I don’t stumble into Lent without much thought and prayer. With Easter’s arrival, I begin prayerfully considering how to approach Lent the following year. I pray, “God, what are you calling me to?”, “God, how can I set aside this time to seek you?”, “God, where are you calling me to transformation—to become more like you?”

Years past have anchored me to the Gospels, abbreviated my prayer life with startling results, and challenge the way I respond to others.

As I’ve prayed this year, I’ve sensed the need to dive back into the Scriptures anew. As I’ve asked God what to read—Gospels, Epistles, Psalms, Prophets, Wisdom Literature, or Pentateuch—I’ve had this sense that I’m supposed to read “The Book.”


Not a smidgen or section or style of Biblical. But. The. Whole. Entire. Book.

In 40 Days. That’s forty. F-o-r-t-y. 4-0. Days.

I’ve read the Bible in a year. I know people who have read the Bible in 90 days. And I’ve heard sparkling testimonies of those who have read the Bible cover to cover in a handful of days resulting in them becoming Christians.

A quick search on Google reveals that many have read the Bible in 40 days before. That’s doubly Good News, because it means it can be done.

The Bible contains 1189 chapters. That means reading the Bible in 40 days, requires reading about 30 chapters per day. And if you have a commute, errands, and like to take a walk each day, you can listen to an audio version of the Bible. About 45 minutes of Bible listening a day for forty days--and you'll have covered the whole Scripture! 

It’s a lot. I know. And I’m quite confident I’ll have days where it feels more like skimming, where my eyes glaze over, where I wonder, “What have I gotten myself into?”

But I know that other days wait when the timeless truths of Scripture will come alive in a whole new way. [Tweet this] When the beauty of God’s word will captivate me anew. When glimpses of God’s character will leave me breathless. When in a book or a passage or a single word, I will find myself wonderstruck.

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And even if you don’t read the whole Bible, will you commit to plunge into the Gospels, explore the wisdom literature, study the Torah, or simply read the red words of Christ?

Will you commit that no matter what you give up for Lent that you will also lay hold of the wonders of God’s Word?

Invite your friends to join you! Click here.


Extra Special Gift: Click here to download the free Wonderstruck by Scripture: 40 Day Bible Reading Guide.

248 responses to Free Download to Unlock the Wonder of Scripture This Lent

  1. Dusty B. Allison February 6, 2013 at 4:15 am

    I am in, Margaret. And just in case I win one of thehe Bibles, I am going to read through using the Message. And the beauty of electronics….it is always with me.

  2. Count me in Margaret, anticipating many “Only God” moments!

  3. Count me in — Only God knows how I will do it. Crazy life. Crazy schedule. But I am oh, so excited and up for this challenge! And in The Message…!! I’m looking forward to how HE will speak to me and reveal Himself to me during Lent this year.

  4. I am excited to start this journey all who will join the challenge. I have never read the ” Message” but am excited to see what God will domain the days ahead. I want to go deeper with God this season . I need it and am desperate to know him more intimately.

  5. In my prayer time ,the book of John came to me.I would also join into the 40 Day Bible Reading & listening.
    Thank you for the journey of breathing in God’s word this season.

  6. Michelle Strickland February 6, 2013 at 5:17 am

    My friend Tina and I are joining in too, all she asked when I told her about it was, “We won’t be stoned if we don’t finish, will we?:)”. Gotta love a friend dedicated to be accountable with you in a task this daunting!!

  7. I count days to Lent too!
    I’m not going to do this challenge (is it ok to admit that??).After a lot of prayer, I committed to a “40 days of transformation” yoga program where I will do yoga six days a week, contemplative prayer for at least 20 minutes a day, and meet with a group to be accountable. This isn’t my traditional Lenten route, but it’s where I feel called, and know it will be a challenge.

    That said, I will be exploring Biblical passages that work with doubt. Middle school confirmation students are the joy of my life, and I see that they are so afraid of doubting and what seems like an often overwhelming world. And that we use a book that’s thousands of years old from another country as our guide. I’d love to be able to explore these themes in Lent a little more, and this Bible translation would help.

  8. Printed out the schedule and tucked it into a new Bible I’m so excited to break in! Praying for new revelation and fresh understanding for all of us in this together! I’m hoping to learn more about His Grace toward us through all of the passages and daily readings!

  9. Right now I am studying Proverbs 31, really for me it is just being connected to HIM and doing that through Word is one way!

  10. I don’t feel led to read through the whole Bible, but I love the thought of digging into the red letters of Jesus’ words. I’ve never participated in Lent before and am looking forward to see how God will work!

  11. I’m going to re-examine the Pentateuch for Wonder.

  12. The whole bible!!! I would love to take up this challenge.

  13. I love the season of Lent – and your chapter on Lent in Wonderstruck was a beautiful reminder of the allure of simplicity. I’m in a tough season and I think the best discipline for me this season would be to adopt your “three word prayer” focus. That said, God generally surprises me with something totally unexpected when I ask HIM what he desires from me…so stay tuned.

    There ain’t no way I’d get through that much reading in 40 days – but thanks for the reminder that the Message version might make it doable. I think I have an e-version on some device around here so maybe I’ll “Message for Lent”.

  14. I am committed to a church wide study written by our pastors on The Eternal Word, Building Your Life on the Foundation of Truth. “Not reading your Bible is like having lots of money in the bank but never using it” is my favorite quote so far. I am also following Wonderstruck.

  15. I’m so in …. this is one of those impossible tasks that is sure to change my life if I can complete it. I feel like I’m on a crazy reality tv show or something. Let’s go … oh, and can I start early?

  16. I am in! And I already printed out the schedule…I’m embarrased to say I’ve never read the entire Bible from beginning to end in my 30 years as a Believer. I’m sure I’ve read the entire Bible over those years but never intentionally from beginning to end. So here goes…I hope this time I do it and look forward to a deeper relationship with my Father!

  17. warriorforchrist February 6, 2013 at 7:53 am

    I’ve been debating on whether to use my Thompson chain reference Bible to do this or buy the Message as you suggested. It probably would not hurt to have a different translation on hand. I;m actually quite excited about this. It seems like a big task but I have read novels, big hefty ones, in a week that were 1000 pages. I think the different translation might make a difference.

  18. When I first read about this, I thought “is she crazy!” But after reading some of the comments… I’m in too. A dear friend passed away a year ago tomorrow and her favorite version of the bible was The Message. During our SS class, she would read the scriptures from her bible. The Message is worded in a way that is very blunt and colorful. I miss her, I miss her bible. I plan on reading from The Message for this challenge on my Kindle, in memory of my dear buddy and in expectation of being Wonderstruck! I am currently reading a book that is terribly hard to put down…. I won’t pick it up again until after Lent…. God’s word will be all I’ll read! Did I really just say that?? Pray for me 😉

  19. Going through Luke right now and hope to get through the Gospels. Not sure if I could make it through the whole Bible. Sometimes I take on too much then always have that “will try to do better tomorrow” attitude. Lent is new to me and my family this year so excited to learn more about it!

  20. Color me excited (lots of vibrant rainbow colors) for this challenge! I’m searching for a message bible to use as you suggested.

    I love to read and what better stories than the ones God gifted us with!

    Thank you for sharing this challenge with us Margaret.


  21. I had to borrow my friend’s Message since I only own the new testament…hoping to win a copy of all my own! (hint hint)! 😉
    Excited to see what God has in store for me…I want to know Jesus my Savior deeper.

  22. I am in…. I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store as I read His word! I would love to win a copy of the Message – seems my copy has traveled to my husband’s office! Thank you for encouraging us to pursue God anew in the days of Lent.

  23. I’m participating in a program at my Episcopal church: The Bible in 90 Days! We will finish reading the entire Bible at Easter! Not quite as fast as your 40 Day Lenten reading of the Bible, but we meet each Sunday for an hour and view a video that is part of this series and discuss what we have read. Also participating in a Lenten Yoga As a Spiritual Practice for Lent – a weekly class that also includes concentration exercises that cultivate a quiet mind and meditation that opens the consciousness to the Spirit of God. So excited about Lent this year. Many thanks for all your encouragement. Oh… and my personal Lenten study book is Wonderstruck – loving it!!
    Blessings to you…

  24. How exciting! Just reading through the comments tells me so many people are going to go deep and get some major life change by experiencing God’s wonder. Bless you Margaret for your generosity and leadership. I’m in and of course unashamedly pray for a win! 🙂
    The scriptures I want to lean into this this Lent are any that have to do with being a disciple of Jesus. It is my desire to follow Him even more closely!
    Thanks again,

  25. I’m in. I may have days like you when my eyes glaze over…. but. I am in. I love the Message and plan to do my reading in that version. Winning a copy would allow me to give one away. Thank you for all you are doing to advance the kingdom of God.

  26. I’ve always “tried” to read the bible all the way through with no success. I always end up stopping at some point “halfway” through. What a wonderful way to celebrate Lent and the Easter season by challenging myself to FINALLY finish! I’ve never read the message bible…so maybe I’m just using the wrong version? 🙂 Thank you Margaret reminding of the importance of these spiritual practices in our daily lives. I’m IN. See you at the finish….I mean, Revelations.

  27. I have never read through the bible in its entirety and I love challenges! Thanks for the download of the Wonderstruck by Scripture seems like it will keep me on track. I look forward to diving into His word with trusting my heart to lean on Him. Proverbs 3:5

  28. Hello,

    I am in!! The scriptures I am looking into exploring is healing!! I am so excited about this, my pencils and journal are ready and I am preparing to be even more WONDERSTRUCK!!!

  29. Started recording some thoughts on my blog this year as I read through scripture. I am reading about 4 chapters a day which will help me read the entire book in a year. I think I am going to stick to this during lent as it has been a really good pace for me. I am praying that God would really reveal himself to you and all of those that join you in this journey Margaret! It will be difficult but I know you will be blown away!

  30. I am really excited about this challenge…I love reading the life and parables of Jesus. Such great messages that never grow old.

  31. Thanks for the challenge. My desire is to be immersed in the whole story of Scripture this Lent, learning to see Jesus — around every corner, in every face.

  32. I am in for the 40-day challenge! I have never had this much excitement for Lent or tackling the entire scripture. Usually my first thought is, “Oh no, not Numbers….any book but Numbers.” Not this time around! I am supercharged! I am doing the Chronological Bible (I made a pdf schedule that I would be open to sharing) instead of the the Message/Traditional version. The mission that I feel God has given me is to find Jesus in the Old Testaments, peeking at me with great excitement through simple words like “bread”, “stone/rock”, “anoint”, “wine”…all those words that simply describe Him. Thank you, thank you for igniting us with your beautiful words of encouragement!

  33. I’m so excited to be in this challenge for Lent! I wanted to do something to bring me closer to the Lord during Lent instead of my usual “giving something up.” I’m still doing that too so when I’m struggling with that I will turn to my Bible and read and pray, but this will give me something more. I’ve been losing sight of who is in control and I’ve recently been trying to recommit myself and start doing more Bible studies and learn more and I’m excited about this season of Lent!

  34. I accepted the challenge from you and recruiting others in Omaha to do it as well. I have a friend Carol whom I believe is also so excited to join the challenge.
    Thanks again for helping me to find my pixie dust.

  35. Looking forward to exploring and rereading Psalms. Calendar is marked and ready to go!

  36. I can’t wait to spend lent reading the red letter text! Thanks so much for this idea. I have a few sisters that are joining me!

  37. You know, this sounds like a crazy idea, but I’m just crazy enough to absolutely LOVE the idea. Joining in this effort will (un?)fortunately increase my current Bible reading plan by about 30 times! I’m typically reading a chapter a day and writing notes on EVERYTHING! I have about 10 days left in Deuteronomy. 🙂

    I was reading four chapters a day of the New Testament, but I let that go due to the fact that I thought I didn’t have enough time. It cut into the time for my other computer activities. But, you know, this reminds me of a very important point. God should be the main focus of my life and my time. And part of that is spending time in His Word.

    Does that mean I have to fast from television and/or reading other books? Maybe. But I can already sense that the blessings will be well worth it!

  38. I will be joining you along with a couple guys to read the whole Bible in 40 days. Thanks for the challenge.

  39. Hey Margaret – I already told you that I’m in, along with several of our FBC Brandenburg gals. And I plan to read in The Message. If I win, I’m going to give it away to someone else here who is reading with us. Kind of like a double give away!!! You are a blessing!

  40. I’ve never participated in lent. Our church congregation is participating in praying for revival for 40 days. So between that & leading the wonderstruck study, it’s got me thinking about lent. I read daily allowing Him to speak to me through His word. I like the idea of listening to it too for 45 minutes a day for 40 days for lent.

  41. I am purposefully studying the New Testament during Lent this year, since I have been doing a lot of in depth studying of the Old Testament. Also I am memorizing Romans 1; 8; and 12 along with a group from Ann Voskamp.

  42. I’m in!!
    I really want to study about fear…or really, how to get rid of it! It’s something I struggle with, that is strangling my life right now. I’m going to search the Scriptures like crazy and find veses about fear, worry, being afraid, and courage. I think the Message Bible would help me to understand better and soak it all up in a whole new way 😉 Thank you for your encouragement, Margret! Oh, and thank you for the challenge!(:

  43. I’m up for the challenge! Looking forward to saturate my mind, body and soul in God’s word! I will be gleaning the scriptures for a fresh revelation of my Lord and Savior Jesus! Looking forward to having His love and promises revealed anew! Seeking fresh wind and fresh fire to anoint the broken places that need restoration and healing! Thank You L

  44. OK…*deep breath*…I’m in. And probably crazy.

  45. I’m in! I am working on obedience this year and this will greatly help me in this area. I am excited, and know I need to this.

  46. Since I am going to Ecuador with Compassion during Lent, I am participating in a fast, doing Beth Moore’s “Jesus the One & Only” study and now, I’ll add your challenge of reading the red letters… Maybe in the Message!

  47. I live in a part of the world where Christ is not known and church is not in my heart language. His message is that much more precious to me yet I need to be pushed to dig deeper because no one is here doing it for me. I started reading the Bible through last year, but only made it half-way. My goal will be to read the rest, the other half, during Lent. I’ve never really done anything for Lent before, so this will be an exciting challenge!

  48. I’m in! Looking forward to reading the whole bible using the message. Thanks for this wonderful challenge!.

  49. God knows this will be hard to do but I’m in! I would l love to be able to conquer the bible in 40 days! I am excited to explore Pslams and Romans! I am also excited to see how God uses this to strengthen me on a daily basis and bring up passages I need at a certain time to guide me through difficult of trying situations! 🙂 Thank you for the challenge!!

  50. Gayle Manculich February 7, 2013 at 6:20 am

    Joining you for the Bible reading in Lent. Scared, but stepping out. Most excited to explore the minor prophets – I know – I’m a bit strange.

  51. I’m in too Miss Margaret. I’m excited to take on the entire Bible. Especially the works of Judges, Kings, Ecclesiastes, Exodus, Acts, Jeremiah. Okay, all of it!!!! 🙂

  52. This is my first year in Bible study fellowship, and we are going through the book of Genesis. Talk about wonderstruck! Last week I dove into Genesis 22 and was bowled over by the love of God, that He would sacrifice His one and only dear, dear Son….and the son’s willingness to be sacrificed because he knew and trusted the heart of the Father (for the joy set before him….I was that joy! You were that joy!). Incredible!
    I will not be changing the way I read and interact with Scripture for Lent because God is meeting me and speaking powerfully right here where I am, and I want to stay with HIM in this moment, this book of beginnings, and get all that He has for me here and now. Sometimes, less is more, and I’m learning to focus in on one thing rather than trying to do everything.

    I would love to win the Message Bible. I don’t own a copy, but I’ve checked it out from the library and love the way it speaks to me! When I don’t understand a passage in my NKJV, opening up the Message always sheds light and brings clarity.

  53. Especially looking forward to Psalms and the book of Romans. Then in March, I will join the ladies from our church for Wonderstruck! Can’t wait.

  54. That’s awesome! I was just thinking how I misplaced my audio bible and miss it SOOooo much. I love Colossians, but the Psalms have also been speaking lately.

  55. I would like to try this challenge! I’m also doing your Wonderstruck study with a group of ladies at church. We’re in our second week, and it’s been a blessing already!

  56. I printed out the Lenten reading guide last week and am looking forward to getting started. Will truly need to give up some things for Lent in order to accomplish this – like computer dabbling time. I love reading The Message – coupled with another version or two. I love how Eugene Peterson makes it so real. And I will be focusing a lot on Romans 12 – which I am striving to memorize! Thanks for offering this challenge – and this freebie. Blessings on whoever is the recipient(s)!

  57. Is there a place online to listen? I know I could listen 45 minutes a day! If so, I’m in. : )

  58. WOW! This is a big commitment but I love a challenge. I’ve printed off the reading plan and loaded an NIV bible onto my kindle. I will be in SanPedro (DR) when the reading plan starts and I want to travel light. My daughter (just turned 19 last week) has been on a long term mission trip since last September and I am going to spend her last 5 days there with her and we will both fly home next week Friday. I can’t wait to have her back under our roof. =)
    Thank you for all you do to motivate us Margaret! Continue to #livewonderstruck.

  59. I am in and looking forward to it. Sounds daunting but with God all things are possible. Glad to have a chance to win the Bible too

  60. Margaret, Lent is new to me and I even think discouraged as an Evangelical. So last year I observed. I will look forward to joining you with your interesting insights and Scriptures! Thank you for your encouragement!

  61. Catherine Green February 7, 2013 at 6:07 pm

    I am so excited to be a part of this!!!

  62. Hi Margaret, count me in for the challenge for Lent and looking forward to start it!

  63. Praying that I can do this!!!! Our denomination doesn’t make much of Lent, but I’ve always wanted to do something special. James is the book for me this year and I will be memorizing it. I read my Bible on my computer in NKJV and it’s the same translation that I memorize.

  64. Very excited to read Bible 40 days. When I turned 40 I was baptized and it made turning 40 less painful and I have grown so much and have become a better disciple. Every year I challenge myself to do something to help my faith grow even more. This year I am taking the 40 day challenge and it will be my faith challenge for my 42nd birthday. My birthday is not till April so I will have time in case I fall behind. So excited to dive into the message but I think I am most excited about Romans. It has showed up few times so I am thinking about a sacred echo is happening!!!

  65. Este va a ser el primer año desde 1977 que voy a celebrar la Cuaresma, entonces tenía 9 años, era católica y no comprendía el completo significado de la celebración. Leer en su libro me ha hecho meditar y ha despertado en mi el deseo de celebrarla este año, así que me voy a unir y a tratar de leer toda la Biblia o al menos los Evangelios.
    En nuestra iglesia, la congregación americana va a celebrar por primera vez la Cuaresma, así que también me voy a unir con ellos.

    This will be the first year since 1977 that I’ll be observing Lent, then I was 9 years old, was Catholic and didn’t comprehended the true mining of the celebration. Reading your book have made me meditated and have woken up in me the desire to celebrate it this year, so I’ll join you and will try to read the entire Bible or at least the Gospels!!!
    In our church, the American congregation will observe Lent for the first time, so I will also be join them!!

  66. I will be following the daily office of the lectionary readings for this year’s Lent. It provides for a reflective contemplative reading of the journey toward Easter which in itself unwraps deeper relational experiences of wonder.. It allows for H Spirit to reveal new Truths and Wonders of God in Yeshua Christ as we journey together.
    Lent is about giving up distractions from living in closer communion with God, not just a ‘giving up something’ without intentional purpose. The appreciation for Easter is intensified because of this time of preparation of our hearts in anticipation of Easter’s reality. #livewonderstruck ! =)

  67. I saw your announcement a week or so ago to read through the Bible during Lent and have been thinking about it since then. I printed out the page to keep me on track.Thanks for inspiring me and indeed a community to join in journey together! May we come to know Christ more!

  68. Stephanie Finch February 8, 2013 at 7:33 pm

    I’m going for it! Reading Wonderstruck right how also! Challenging others at my church here in Hendersonville. (Long Hollow Baptist) You were with us a couple of Feb. ago.

  69. I’m in…because I want to know Him more. To really know in my heart Ephesians 3.17-19… that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love, 18 may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height— 19 to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.

  70. Oh Margaret – what have you done to me? 😉
    Last night I spent hours and hours on my computer. I felt the Lord trying to speak to me and stirring, but I had a huge homework assignment due that I just couldn’t seem to finish. “I’ll finish this by 9 and then spend time with you Lord.” Well, it wasn’t until 2 AM that I submitted it, mostly because I was on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

    I just finished reading the Sacred echo and God is doing so much in my heart but not yet audibly enough for me to process it. I know I have to clear space and time and allow for His voice to pierce through my busyness. And the best way to hear from Him is in His word.

    I’ve never celebrated Lent. I tried once in the 4th grade by giving up ice cream, and I jokingly wonder if that’s where my food addiction started, because I remember sneaking down into the kitchen to raid the freezer. My Mom had warned me about the seriousness of breaking a promise to God, and I was terrified of what would happen.

    Since then, I’ve doubted my self control and discipline to give anything up. It’s been 12 years since that first and last Lent experience, and I feel God stirring.

    So, in order to answer your question, which book? I honestly have no clue. I know I need all of it. But I’m hoping for Romans to really come alive to me.

    I don’t want to commit to soon to this huge challenge, but I think that I’m running out of time to deny what the Lord is calling me to do. Thank you for posting this and for challenging yourself and inspiring me.

    Praying for you today Margaret! You are such an inspiration to me as a writer and as a woman chasing after God.

  71. I am pretty sure I could not read that much in a day….I am a very slow reader…but I just discovered one of my bible apps has audio…so I know I can get in 45 min of listening in a day. So I am jumping in…thanks for the encouragement. Blessings to you!

  72. I am planning on spending time in the Gospels.

  73. I’m currently studying Jeremiah in the Message. But, I’m going to try to read the bible thru during Lent too! Thanks for the challenge.

  74. I’m excited to be joining you for this 40 day journey. My husband and I were already planning a Daniel Fast for Lent – we’re listening carefully for God’s voice in a big dream for something a few years off. I was planning on reading through with the NASB, but I’m excited and encouraged to read the Message instead. We’ve also purchased The Word of Promise, so we can listen to the Word in the car. Blessings Margaret.

  75. Natalee McRoberts February 9, 2013 at 11:19 am

    Hi, Margaret! I am feeling the build as I make preparations to reading entire Bible this Lent! I am choosing to lay down a recently re-picked up bad habit of turning to sweets… I am showing that destructive habit the door and RE-PLACING it…. With God’s Word and putting Him back on the throne of my heart! Looking forward to a life changing 40 days!

  76. At first I laughed and thought, “There’s no way I’m doing that!” But then I thought I have a commute everyday. I can listen to the Bible while I’m in the car. So I’m in! And I can’t believe it :).

  77. Oh what joy! I thirst for it. I crave His Word. Digesting it is my soul medicine! I love staying on track with His living Word..What a Blessing to win!

  78. P.S. the 40 days is wonderful. I did 90 last year and, oh what a ride ! Blessings abound. The scriptures I will deeply study are 1&2 Peter~ studying a living hope in troubled times right now. Blessed and #wonderstruck 😉

  79. I enjoy reading the Message version along with my study Bible! I have been studying Proverbs and Titus and would enjoy having the actual The Message Bible, right now I only have electronic copy of it.

  80. We are inviting our entire church family to join in the 40 day Lent journey… Our ladies are so enjoying the journey of Wonderstruck and this new journey to unlock the wonders of Lent will just be another exciting chapter to add!!! Very excited to do this in the Message as well!!! Thank you for continuing to spur us to the Wonders of our God!!! Blessings!

  81. My schedule just opened wide with some not happy test results. I wasn’t planning on doing this as I didn’t think I’d have the time to commit to it. I just decided that I will make time…because when it all boils down, I can’t imagine anywhere else I’d rather be than in His presence. I’ve never paid attention to Lent before and had to do some googling. I am in 100% and cannot wait!!

  82. Thirsty for some new insight in the Living Word and to be able to at least finish this goal this year would be awesome!

  83. Hi Margaret.

    Mine is actually to see how many times I can read through 1 Corinthians. Granted, it’s for a class, but I will also admit that I am less than excited to read one book like a broken record. My challenge is to find the wonder of God in this exercise, to not just let it be an academic practice but to also find the ways in which the Word/ words transform me. Here we go, cha cha cha!

  84. Double Gulp …. 30 chapters a day for 40 days? You must be drinking the Kool-Aid again. On the cusps of touring the Holy Land in Israel, I am most looking forward to reading The Gospels in a whole new way, with a whole new perspective, and I pray the eyes of my heart are opened to God’s wonder and wisdom. This recent trip to Israel was a blessing beyond anything words could describe and I’m looking forward to experiencing this Lent with a new perspective and appreciation from Old Jerusalem.

  85. I can’t commit to reading the whole bible in 40 days, that would be a lie, i have however read about 3/4 of the bible in the past, but what I can commit to is continuing to pray that my children become true follows of Christ, to feel him in there hearts to know that he truly exists, to see the true wonders of what he has in store for us, and i can do that through my own testimonials, they have seen it for them selves, and all i keep telling them is that all that has happened, has only been though the Grace of GOD, and that he will continue to BLESS, so long as you stay committed. Margaret, I want to thank you and your Prayer Family for Praying for me in my time of need I did get my grandson back in my home, but the struggle is not over. So in the 40days of Lent i am committed to a better prayer life, and i have seen first hand that prayer works, God Bless you Margaret

  86. I’d already been feeling led to do “something” for Lent, and knew that getting deeper into the Word was a part. I was thinking more of some of it (in depth) but think I’m going to at least start this 40 day challenge with you. I’ll be open to the Lord so will either continue or change if something else is put on my heart… thanks.

  87. Count me in! Gulped at first, but thought wow that is a definite way to get more of Him! Goal is to read all of New Testament first, then go to Old Testament for remainder of time. Thanks for allowing us to join you during Lent.

  88. I’m going to join you in this 40 day journey! I attempted the 90 day approach once and let life get in the way. I know this will require prayer for discipline, which is a good thing. Thanks for sharing this.

  89. Margaret! I’m in! I plan to listen on my iphone and read during my quiet time. Currently I am focused on the book of James while in a study. But I love the whole council of The Book!

    This will go nicely with my desire to send an encouraging note to someone each day of Lent. I call it my Lenten Love Letter. I will be sharing the joys of watching God stir my heart for a name and the result of what happens when love is shared in a hand written note. I will share on my blog

    Bless you for drawing us in to more of Him through this plan

  90. I’m in! And I’m even excited! Just finished Wonderstruck……..lots to think about, thank you!

  91. I’m in! And trying to encourage my friends to join. Thank you!

  92. I have been praying about this, but wasn’t sure I could fit in the reading for the entire Bible in 40 days, but God led me to complete the task I started last year, to read through the Chronological Bible in 1 year. For the 40 days of Lent I will read 2 days each day and on March 28, I will be caught up. And a new habit started. Thank you for encouraging me to pray about this!

  93. I’m in – to be honest, I am actually both a little excited and a little scared to take on this challenge – but I need this. I plan on using both NIV and ESV as I have both on my phone.

  94. I’m not sure just yet. I’ve not been as good as I should about asking Abba what He would have me do. I’m considering the whole Bible, but will see how He leads. I’ve been asking to fall in love with the’s still pretty much a thing to check off my list. Maybe this is it.

  95. Okay, I am (gulp) in, fearful that I may be biting off more than I can chew. Last year was my first Lenten experience, a stumbling practice of fasting that was modest but richly rewarding ( This year I am intrigued by the prospect of replacing Lenten fasting with feasting on God. This will be a Scriptural smorgasbord. I’ll keep the Pepto handy. I’ll blog (as I can) at Thanks for the challenge.

  96. I’m doing the Bible in 40 days with you. I have also shared this with the ladies at my church and have challenged them as well. We can do this 😀

  97. Our ladies study group leader brought this to us and offered up some encouragement to go for it, so I am in! It will likely take some re-arranging, but I’m willing to go for it…I love The Lord and cannot putting anything more important on my schedule.

  98. I’m in! I’ve been a Christian for years and never finished the whole Bible. I’m looking forward to completing the Bible in 40 days, for what God will show me, and I’m most excited to read the smaller books in the New Testament like Ephesians, James, etc. They always have so much practical advice that I could spend my whole life working on putting into practice!

  99. Glad to find other lovers of the season of Lent! I am in as long as listening to the Bible counts. I’m ready to hear the Word this time around. May God bless all of us as we dig deeper in His Living Word!

  100. I’m ready to refocus and renew. The timing of my longing leads me naturally into the Lenten season. I’ll join you in the commitment to draw in close to the Word by diving deeper into His story in the coming forty days. I’ll use a combination of versions and paraphrases, including the New Living, NIV and The Message. As I read and / or listen, I’ll be exploring the concept of the Year of Jubilee. If you’re aware of any good studies on jubilee and the concept of it throughout Scripture, please let me know. Thank you for the invitation and motivation to Live Wonderstruck by the Word!

  101. I already commented above that I’m in, but I had a question. This is the first time I have ever done Lent, (and yes, I feel stupid asking) but when does Lent start? I know the Bible reading plan starts on Wed., but I’ve also heard it starts on Sat.? Thanks, and sorry! I’m new at this! (:

  102. Ever since you first mentioned this challenge it has stuck with me. I’m in! Excited to see what the next 40 days hold!

  103. Count me in ….. goodness gracious, what have I gotten myself into?! Seriously though, ever since I returned from the Holy Land, I’ve already begun re-reading the Gospels with a whole new lens, whole new perspective and appreciation. GOD IS GOOD. GOD IS WONDER-FULL.


  104. Thanks for the challenge! I accept! And I will encourage my Wednesday night Bible Study group of young women to join as well! How sweet to spend this time in His precious Word!

  105. Margaret,
    Stumbled upon this because of a Catalyst tweet. Am planning on going on this 40 day challenge in place of Facebook…so might only take me 20 days if i stay off Facebook.
    Thanks for this guide and challenge.


  106. Psalms, definitely Psalms! Thank you so much for your inspiring light 🙂 First time I will be reading THE BOOK during lent <3

  107. I’m in! Looking forward to this. I’ve never acutally read through all the scriptures.. Looking forward to drawing closer to Him!

  108. I have been anticipating this Lenten Season. He is wooing me , drawing me to Him.. I am ready to fall into Him.. Immersing myself in His word, allowing Him to stir awaken… to renew.

  109. So glad I found this. I am committed and will start as I “give up” my lunches this Lent.

  110. Since Lent officially begins in less than one hour, well, I’m committing to the challenge. I love the idea of adding things during Lent. I’m most looking forward to pondering Jesus’ words. God’s Word never returns void {here we go!}.

  111. I have been struggling with what to give up this year, and even when I saw this post a couple weeks ago, it took a while for it to hit me. So this is what I’m doing. Giving up my time doing other things that I thought were important, to make time to read God’s word. I have never read all the way through the Bible before, and I’m excited for this challenge. Thank you for guiding us through this Margaret!

  112. i am so IN !!!! i cannot wait to see how God glorifies himself this season!

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