Opening Our Eyes to the Beauty of God

Welcome to Week Three of Pursuing God’s Beauty: Stories from the Gospel of John. This summer, we’re digging deep into God’s Word and praying that with a word, passage, or story we will be wonderstruck by Scripture and fall in love with the Bible once again, or maybe for the first time. (Join us! Click here).

Here’s the homework for Week Three: When God Sees Through You:

  1. Watch Session Three (Recognizing the Blind Spots) on Your Pursuing God’s Beauty DVD (18 minutes) and begin working through the homework.
  2. Read John 9-11.
  3. Come back to on Thursday, the same day you can enjoy the Midday Connection podcast on the session, to discuss what God’s revealing to you along the way. (To subscribe to the RSS feed so you don’t miss a beat, click here).

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Opening Our Eyes to the Beauty of God

Here are four things you must know before diving into John 9-11:

  1. The opening of blind eyes is rare in the Old Testament (2 Kings 6:8-23) and described under unusual circumstances. Jesus’ healing of a man who was born blind in John 7 is extraordinary. [Tweet this] Jesus uses saliva both in Mark 7 and Mark 8 to heal. Saliva was believed to have medicinal healing ability in the ancient world. Some even believed it had magical powers, which led to its use for healing being forbidden in the Jewish community.
  2. The Greek word kalos, which translates “good” as in “good shepherd,” can also be translated as “excellent” or “beautiful.” In describing himself as the good shepherd in John 10, Jesus reveals himself as the “beautiful shepherd.” [Tweet this]
  3. John 10:22 notes a somewhat odd detail, namely, that it was winter. While some scholars argue that this detail explained why Jesus was in the sheltered area of the portico of Solomon, others suggest the wintry mention is representative of the cold attitude toward Jesus and the icy receptivity of his listeners.
  4. John 11 records the story of Lazarus, one of Jesus’ dear friends. The name Lazarus means “whom God helps.” [Tweet this]

 Opening Our Eyes to the Beauty of God

FOR DISCUSSION: Answer the following questions as a comment to this blog post. Feel free to ask questions, reply to others’ comments, and post prayer requests.

  • What miracle of Jesus would you most like to witness?

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