New Greeting Cards

This holiday season, I felt compelled to launch three new designs to speak hope and life. Will you come alongside the bruised and brokenhearted? The devastated and the disappointed? The angsty and the angry? Will you enter their pain with the love of Christ?

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No matter what you’ve been through or what you’re facing, discover how to proclaim, “Yet I will flourish still!”

Flourish is a beautiful book. Just looking at it fills your heart with joy. Each devotional gives a space to feel the love of Jesus surround you and then you get the joy of creating some beauty and peace of your own with the coloring pages. What a lovely gift.”

-Dana Qualls

Do This to Win the Battlefield of the Mind

Some days the darkness overwhelms me. A 22-month old with stage-4 cancer. A friend who scoured for a job for 26 months with no response. A mom whose post-partum depression leaves her a shell of a human despite the medication. I lift their names in prayer, but my heart...
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I recognized the...
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The Funniest (and Best) Love Note Ever

The void. I always...
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