Secrets to Getting Published Part 1

At Writers Boot Camp last month, a cadet raised his hand and asked:

“I know you have time to write, because you’re a writer, but how am I supposed to find the time to write with a full-time job and family?”

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Three Secrets To Overcoming Your Greatest Fears About Writing

Placing words on paper or screen terrifies me.

Even now.

Even after all these years.

Good writing exposes the soul, not just to us, but to those who pass by.

Critics and connoisseurs, friends and foes, strangers and trolls.

Perhaps you, too, have felt fear surge your spine. Grip your throat. Freeze your fingers. You stare. Blank page. Blank screen. Blank look.

How do you break through the fear of writing? Here are three secrets I’ve learned after many years:
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Win The Gift Package Fit for a Queen: The Woman of the Bible Everyone Needs to Learn

When my friend, Liz Curtis Higgs, said she planned to pen a book about a woman in the Bible based on 10 verses, I thought, “That’s impossible!”

A chapter of a book.

A section of a Bible study.

A single talk.

But an entire book that provides meaty insights and life-transformative truths. Yet that’s what Liz has done with beauty, mastery, and grace.

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Since the launch of the Scouting the Divine summer Bible study, I’ve been playing in our yard—tugging at stubborn weeds, pruning wild shrubs, plucking the never-ending dandelions.

I find the Holy Spirit nudging me toward Scripture, uncovering deep-rooted truths, with each pinch and snip. I’m rediscovered what many a farmer and gardener know to be true: Continue Reading...

Why God Uses Vineyard Imagery to Reveal His Heart

I AM the vine.

Long before Jesus took on the imagery of the vineyard for Himself, God had been using vineyard imagery to communicate His heart to the people.

The Song of Vineyard is nestled in Isaiah 5:1-7. This delicate yet ferocious poem provides the most detailed description of caring for vineyards in the Scripture.

The syllables capture…

God’s tender care

God’s intimate involvement

God’s long-term commitment

God’s meticulousness

God’s attentiveness

God’s treasure

God’s fierce love

God’s hot jealousy

Watch as a startling turn of events unfold … Continue Reading...