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When Great Britain’s Prince William married Kate Middleton, the wedding attracted international media attention, with more than two billion people from around the world tuning in to watch the festivities.

But the limited space at Westminster Abbey meant that only about 1,900 people were given a gold-stamped invitation to attend the wedding.

Those who received invitations ran the gamut from the rich and famous to the commoner. Undoubtedly, some difficult decisions were made. For example, the president of France and his wife received an invitation, but the president of the United States and his wife did not. The invitations were exclusive because they were limited. Not everyone was invited to the celebration.

Yet the royal invitation by the King of kings is different.

God isn’t constrained by space or limited by time. He doesn’t need to make difficult decisions between national leaders or everyday citizens. Instead, He issues an invitation to each of us to come to into His presence at any time, in any place, through the spiritual practice of prayer.

Put very simply, prayer is communicating with God.

And we are invited to engage in a free, open, ongoing dialogue with God throughout each and every day. Through prayer we can take our personal concerns to God, as well as the concerns of others. Through prayer we can express our adoration and affection to God. We can make requests or petitions. We can confess our brokenness to God and ask for forgiveness. We can thank Him for His presence and work in our lives. Through prayer we can learn to abide in Him.

Prayer is a spiritual discipline we simply can’t live without.

An Invitation You Cannot Afford to Miss

We’re reminded again and again to pray continually:

“Pray diligently.” –Colossians 4:2, MSG

“Pray all the time.” –1 Thessalonians 5:17, MSG

“Pray hard and long.” –Ephesians 6:18, MSG

Prayer opens the door for God to transform us from the inside out. Not only through talking with God, but also when we take the time to listen for His voice.

The more we practice prayer, the more natural prayer will become.

I want a relationship with God where prayer is as natural as breathing.

Yet, sometimes prayer is easier said than done. It may sound a lot like scribbled grocery lists—random, disorganized, and filled with less-than-healthy selections. After years of struggling in my own prayer life, I began a prayer list in the back of my Bible. I didn’t realize when I decided to turn my scribbled thoughts into a permanent list that I was accepting the invitation to not only ask God specific things, but also to listen and watch for the answer.

This week on Facebook and Twitter, we asked this question:

What practices do you use in your prayer life to remind you to pray?

Tactics for prayer

Tactics for prayer Tactics for prayer Tactics for prayer Tactics for prayer

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*This week’s memory verse: Isaiah 40:8

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As we gather for our first Summer Bible Study week, let’s discuss this question:

How would you describe the sound of God’s voice?

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