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Maybe you’ve found yourself in the middle of a crisis.

A broken marriage. Bankruptcy. An empty nest. A painful diagnosis. The loss of a loved one. Unemployment. A shattered family.

You know what you need most in the midst of what you’re facing?

To hear the words your Heavenly Father has to speak to you.

Words of hope. Words of freedom. Words of his love. Words of grace. Words of peace.

Hearing from God can change the entire posture of your life.

He’s ready to speak.

But are you ready to listen?

You’re invited to deepen your relationship with God and ignite your prayer life.

Online Summer Bible StudyThis June, we’re launching our online Summer Bible Study using The Sacred Echo book and Bible study.

Often when God speaks, He will echo the same message through a sermon, a passage of Scripture, a chance conversation, or an unexpected encounter.

You’ve probably experienced it before.

The same theme, idea, impression, or lesson repeating again and again.

I call these sacred echoes.

When we begin looking for these sacred echoes, we are better able to recognize God’s voice in our life and walk more confidently in the fullness of all God has for us.

With the breathtaking Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, we will explore the wonders of prayer in-depth and learn to grow closer to God through Scripture together. Each week on the blog, we’ll gather together (whenever is convenient for you) and dive into facets of prayer no one talks about, explore God’s Word, and discover joy in talking to God once again.

What do you say? Are you ready to shake up your prayer life forever? Are you ready to change the posture of your life and hear from God?

Online Summer Bible StudyTo join the Summer Bible Study, pick up the Summer Bible Study Special from The Summer Bible Study Special ($49.99, regularly $79.99) includes:

Simply pick up the Summer Bible Study Special today and begin asking God to prepare your heart for what’s in store this summer. We’ll be gathering together each week here at to discuss, pray for one another, and dive into God’s Word.

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Let’s get to know each other, shall we? Post a comment below letting us know your name and where you’re from.



Want to catch up on the online #SummerBibleStudy at It’s never too late to join! Each week, we have homework listed on Mondays, a gathering place on Wednesdays, and a guest post from one of my dear friends on Fridays. Feel free to stop by at any point to interact with the material and share your thoughts.

Here are the links to the Sacred Echo Online Bible Study Posts:

Session .001 Echoes: MONDAY | WEDNESDAY | FRIDAY (with Micha Boyett)

Session .002 I Love You: MONDAY | WEDNESDAY | FRIDAY (with Bonnie Gray)

Session .003 How Long?:  FRIDAY (with Jennifer Rothschild)

Session .004 You Follow Me: MONDAY | FRIDAY (with Carol Kent)

Session .005 Surrender: MONDAY | WEDNESDAY | FRIDAY (with Emily Wierenga)

Session .006 Bring Them to Me: MONDAY | WEDNESDAY | FRIDAY (with Holley Gerth)

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