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Say Goodbye to That Bothersome Word, Phrase, or Expression

Each January I suggest that, we need to learn to retire a few words from our vocabulary. Why? New words are being introduced into our language all the time. Five years ago we didn’t have man caves, gastropubs, or mash-ups. Well, we did—we just didn’t know what to call...

7 Signs You’ve Made It As An Author

“Perrier with sprig of parsley, please.” Ah yes, people think the life of an author is all glitz and glamor. They have no idea. The private jets. The Bentleys. The New York photo shoots. The summer house in France. Oh wait, that’s someone else’s life....
Looking for a Sassy, Hilarious Christmas Gift?

Looking for a Sassy, Hilarious Christmas Gift?

Are you looking for a super fun, hi-larious Christmas gift for a loved one? This super-soft and cozy t-shirt is pre-shrunk and comes in sizes Small to XL. Shirt is a heather charcoal with pink writing. And, of course, who isn’t a hot mess, especially during the...
How To Find Your Phone Before You Lose It

How To Find Your Phone Before You Lose It

I’m notorious for losing my iPhone. I’ve left it in restaurants, jacket pockets, friend’s cars, parking lots, and more. Sometime ago I nicknamed by iPhone “Lassie,” because I always need him to come home. On a recent trip to L.A., Lassie went on his own adventure. I’m...

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