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Say Goodbye to that Annoying Word

Each January I suggest that, we need to learn to retire a few words from our vocabulary.


New words are being introduced into our language all the time. Five years ago we didn’t have man caves, gastropubs, or mash-ups. Well, we did—we just didn’t know what to call them.

With the addition of additional words, maybe we need to retire some of the tiresome ones Those words, expressions, and phrases that are bothersome, um, like, um.

Our language abounds with empty words and even tiresome expressions.

Here’s a list of a few that it’s time to retire as we close out 2015:

On Fleek. (aka: on point)

BAE. (Before Anyone Else)

Shade. (an underhanded insult).

Can’t Even. (as in, “I just can’t even right now.”)

What word or phrase would you like to add to the list?

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