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5 Secrets to Catching Up on Bible Reading

We never expected so many people to jump on the 40-Day Bible Challenge of reading the entire Bible during Lent. (Grab your free guide here). We’ve seen fun photos, insights, comments and more appearing throughout the web. But we’ve also seen some who are struggling to keep up, and even falling behind.

If this is you, know you are not alone! And you have a team of people praying for your and cheering you on. Here are a few tips and suggestions to kick start your commitment to read through the Bible during Lent:

1. Pinch Your Bible. Maybe you’ve been reading the Bible on your iPad or cell phone. Maybe you’ve been listening to an audiobible. Or maybe you’ve been using an old-fashioned print Bible. Whatever type of Bible you’re using, I’d like to challenge you to go pick up a print Bible and open it to however far you’ve read. Now pinch the page from the beginning of Genesis to where you are today.

Do you see how far you’ve come?

Even if you’re a behind according to the reading plan, look at how much of the Bible you’ve covered since February 13. [Tweet this] In case no one has told you yet, you’re rocking it!

When it comes to the 40 Day Bible Reading Challenge–Keep on keeping on. You can do this! You’ve got this. [Tweet this and encourage others!]

2. Read Your Bible In Bits. Reading two and a half-dozen chapters of the Bible in a single sitting is challenging on a variety of levels—time limitations, attention span, unexpected demands, and more.

Instead of searching for that magical hour in your schedule that will allow you to read 30 chapters at once, look for pinches of time throughout the day to read just a few.

If you’re standing in long line, knock out 2 or 3 chapters on your cell phone (YouVersion). If you have a commute or errands to run, consider playing an audiobible using a free download. Look for little windows throughout your day to read the Bible in pinches. And you’ll find yourself clearing through the dialing reading quicker than you thought possible.

3. Know That Easier-to-Read Books of the Bible Are Just Around The Corner. Maybe you found yourself bogged down in Leviticus or Deuteronomy. If so, know you’re not alone. Rest assured that some easier-to-read books of the Bible are coming. The four chapters of Ruth are easy-peasy to read in comparison. The stories of Saul, David, Solomon, and Israel’s many kings contain wild twists and turns throughout 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings, 1 & 2 Chronicles. Books like Esther, Proverbs, and Song of Solomon are rich and delightful and just around the corner.

4. Pick Up a Children’s Bible. Maybe you’re ready quit. Maybe you’ve already thrown in the towel. You’re telling yourself that you can’t do this. If so, will you consider picking up a children’s Bible?

Find one that’s thicker (not just pictures, sorry!) in order to play catch up on some of the Old Testament books that you may be struggling with. Borrow one from your church’s kid’s ministry. Check out one from a local library. This will allow you to get up to date on the reading plan quickly so you’re ready to dive into second half of the Old Testament and Gospels. Our hero, Jesus, is coming soon.  

5. Remember Easter is Just Around the Corner. Reading the Bible in 40-days is definitely challenging. But it’s a fast, intense, drinking through a fire hose kind of experience that will leave you wonderstruck by God’s great big story.

In less than 7-weeks, you’re done. And you’re already about half way through.

Remind yourself once again how good it will feel come Easter morning to realize that you’ve just spent Lent reading the Bible—preparing your heart, mind, and spirit with the celebration of the resurrection—by diving into God’s Word.

Again, you’ve got this.

Our team is praying for you, rooting for you and expectant for the wondrous things God is going to do in you and through you during this time.

What is God echoing to you as you read? What encouragement do you have for others as they read the whole Bible in 40 days?

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