The Wonder of Dreaming God-Sized Dreams from @HolleyGerth

Margaret —  March 2, 2013 — 80 Comments

My friend, Holley Gerth is visiting the blog and offering an extra-special giveaway this week. Holley is the best-selling author of You’re Already Amazing. She loves connecting with the hearts of women through words as a life coach and blogger as well. You can hang out with her at

The Wonder of God-SIZED Dreams


That last few weeks have held their share of questions. Like ping-pong balls they ricochet through my mind.

What if I fail?

How will I get through this financially?

Should I really take that leap of faith

Bounce after bounce the noise gets louder. And then one day a divine hand reaches down to snatch them in mid-air with these words:

Turn your worry into wonder.

After that the rhythm changes.

If God set the stars in their place, why should I worry?

If God knows every hair on my head, why should I be afraid?

If God is true to His Word, why should I doubt?

Yes, I still ponder what’s to come but it’s from a different place–one of trusting God already has the solution even if He hasn’t revealed it to me yet.

Being wonderstruck about who God is changes how we see wonder in our daily lives too.

Oh, the worry still comes back at times. It’s a hard habit to break. Those ping-pong balls hit the table and I’m in the middle of chaos again.

It’s not game over for me when it comes to worry just yet. But more and more…

Wonder is winning. 

Does anyone else struggle with worry? What helps you?

God Sized DreamThis week, we are giving away THREE copies of my friend, Holley Gerth's newest book You're Made for a God-Sized Dream. Holley is the best-selling author of You're Already Amazing and a co-founder of (in)courage

With enthusiasm and honesty, Holley encourages people to overcome excuses and believe that their God-sized dreams can become reality. She takes readers by the heart and says, "Yes! You can do this! Let's go!" and then guides them forward with a loving hand.

To enter to win a copy of You're Made for a God-Sized Dream, simply leave a comment on the original blog post at The winners will be selected and announced on Friday.

Congratulations to this week's winners: Ken Lupton, Anissa, Cherie Lowe

Don’t wait another day to awaken to the God-sized dreams inside of you!
What is your God-sized dream?

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80 responses to The Wonder of Dreaming God-Sized Dreams from @HolleyGerth

  1. My grandma was the worry queen…growing up I feared (worried) I would be like that. It was almost like she thrived on worry. She HAD to me worrying about something. It looked exhausting and she even had a couple of nervous breakdowns in her life.

    I once heard that your brain can’t worry and pray at the same. Lately, because of some “scary” unknowns around the corner I’ve had to remind myself to “take every thought captive” HE is BIGGER!

  2. I love the way Holly Gerth writes. So excited to see yet another book by her!

  3. Angela Stewart March 2, 2013 at 5:09 am

    I am a full-time teacher and sole pastor of a baptist church. I Love The Lord with all my heart, sole, mind and strength and work hard to share His love with others. The past 5 weeks I was halted in my tracks as I have experienced complications from a ip joint fusion on the thumb of my dominate hand. The pain has been excruciating… but not worthless. Time spent with Jesus has been invaluable. One day I was led to the Wonderstruck web-site and my heart was set aflame! Today I will pick up a copy of Margaret’s new book and I simply can’t wait to chew on it! (I had to order it, and anticipation has been growing!!!!) I am ready for more of the wonder of God. May I forever be wonderstruck!!!!

  4. Kevin Cunningham March 2, 2013 at 5:46 am

    I was already encouraged by just reading the post. Looking forward to reading the book itself.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Holly’s post above is an encouragement to me. I would love to read her book.

  6. I have had some huge God-sized deams bouncing around in my head lately….the closer I get to Him….the more I believe they can happen 🙂

  7. God-Sized Dreams, those would be even more than we could even think or imagine! I’m good at putting God in a box and then doubting what he’s called me to do. But am learning and realizing that those are lies from the enemy and God has amazing things in store because of Who He really IS! I so look forward to reading this book!

  8. Susie Daggett March 2, 2013 at 6:10 am

    My dream is to be a faithful witness to my family

  9. I struggle with worry. I also would like to dream a God-sized dream! Thank you for this encouragement today.

  10. Would love to read her book.

  11. What a great perspective! Waiting with expectation is so much more exciting than worrying over outcomes. This is the second time this week I’ve heard about this book. Excited to check it out!

  12. Margaret Polino Nicholas March 2, 2013 at 7:40 am

    I was the worry queen. Quiet times and prayer in earnest is all I need, oh an open heart.

  13. My God-sized dream, is something I don’t even think I can type yet. May just leave it between me and God right now. 🙂

  14. AnnMarie Dixon March 2, 2013 at 7:55 am

    I struggle with worry and to tell the truth I don’t even know what’s my God size dream. I would love to get a copy of the book so that it could point me in the right direction and I would learn more about God and His awesome wonder.

  15. So excited to see another book by her!! I read your already amazing and shared it with a friend. Really good!!
    Looking forward to this one!! Thank you!!!
    blessings Tina

  16. Sue Addington March 2, 2013 at 8:15 am

    Wonder over worry! Powerful, Holley. He waits around the corner with good – always! Wonder what it will be next time, God!

  17. I am looking forward to reading this book! 🙂

  18. Timely message for me! So glad I found your inspiring insights! 🙂

  19. Catherine Burge March 2, 2013 at 9:00 am

    The wonder of our snow took all my attention as I went skiing yesterday. God knew I was to rediscover a dream when He was with me as I saw my dream home and the many ways it could expand our home ministry to troubled young people. Then, The Lord allowed me the faith to sow a seed into another ministry so that we can see Him return the blessing to us many times— I expect the more Gods children learn to expect Him to intervene in everyday life, the more we will turn from worry and turn toward being Wonderstruck. Thank you for this timely posy! I look forward to reading the book.

  20. I don’t struggle with worry… I struggle with F.. E …A…R. It is a battle I have yet to conquer. Working on it my Lord, but I have a long way to go to achieve a fear free life. Makes me sad.

    • Sandra, I struggle with fear too-you’re not alone! That’s why I so had to comment on this. Because I totally understand how hard it is. Praying for YOU today!

  21. I have a little plaque sitting in my home office with a quote from Holley on it about dreaming. It’s helped me stay focused on an old dream coming back to life again. I’d love to read this book!

  22. This has been a scary week for me. It has followed several months where I have felt attacked, gotten back up, only to be knocked down again and again. Tried hard to trust God. Still worried to the point of having a panic attack. In the end the things I worried about happened,but not as bad as I had feared. Today I’m able to feel like Elijah’s servant whose eyes were opened to the help in the spiritual realms. Still not sure how to deal with those pesky emotions that try (and often succeed) to run amok. I’m continuing to read through the Bible in this season. That is helping.

  23. Worry has been so hard to tackle. This book sounds wonderful.

  24. God has given us (my husband and I) a God size vision/dream within our heart. He has given us a vision of a faith based ministry within our community starting with a health clinic and extending to drug/alcohol rehab, marriage/family counseling, military support. Starting in our community to then reach the ends of the earth. Praying as we follow Him.

  25. Me and God are wrestling through this dream thing…too be honest…I tend to shrink way back from what I perceive to be buzz words…my young self would have just close the door in judgement….but my old self…I am trying to let God teach what He wants to teach me and change me….so put my name in the hat for the book….thanks so much

  26. This looks like a great book that I’d love to read. I struggle with making wise decisions vs taking leaps of faith and trusting God. Living safely vs with adventure… Knowing what God’s will is to take steps out of the comfort zone of life…

  27. Would love to have a copy!

  28. I’ve been “wonderstruck” by Margaret’s writing, from the first “like” on FB by a friend that intrigued me…and reading about Holly, it’s yet another way God is encouraging my heart. That’s a portion of the #livewonderstruck of late — how personally loving He is! And how each day, He has something so special to share…diving deeper in to the pool of love…..

  29. My summer reading list keeps growing. Thank you for all the great recommendations.

  30. I no longer struggle with worry – I have been able to give most things to God. But I do believe in God-sized dreams. I believe we have to do things that are impossible for us but possible with God. That’s where I am aiming.

  31. My husband and I are coming out of a several year crisis state. It has just seemed like one fire after another. Worry has become a seemly overabundant evil in our lives. We made a huge change, moving from Highlands Ranch, CO to Foley, AL. We are beginning to see the light at the end of what’s been a very long and dark tunnel for us and our 3 children. Praise God! I love the buzz around this book. It is soooo where we need to be right now. I am claiming big and glorious things for us in 2013 in our new home!

  32. Worry? Me? Actually, I have been struggling with that lately. The best thing I can do when worry tries to haunt me, is to turn my attention back to God and remind myself He has everything under control.

  33. Not sure of my God-sized dream. At this stage of my life – age 60 – I’ve raised (with my husband of 40 years) my children to adulthood and am looking at retirement from regular work life. I do wonder what God has in store for me. I don’t want to re-tire but re-tread, doing what He will equip me for. So, I guess it’s time for me to dream – His dream. Would love to read this book by Holley.

  34. My husband and I bought some land because, we believe, God gave us a leading to do so. We didn’t know it would become like the land in the old testament that was bought and then the deed was put into a jar for a long time. But, He promised to give us a house on that land, so we held on and waited. It was a BIG dream. My husband lost his job and we thought we should sell it- maybe that is why He lead us to buy it in the first place. But, He said, “no, don’t trade it in, I will supply your daily needs, this is your inheritance.” So we held on- to Him. We gave Him back our big dreams, asked Him to empty our hearts and give us His desires; He reminded us of His promises, again, and again, and again. It has been nearly 14 years. In the mean time we have lived our dream of having people come stay in our home, let people use our house for parties, let God use us to “be a blessing and a safe place for people”- one the of His promises for how He would use our house. A few months ago things started to finally get under way for our house, and then they weren’t again. The enemy of my soul tries to tell me that the God I serve, and whose promises I hold on to, is just stringing me along to disapoint me later. He forgot that it isn’t about the house anymore, it’s about the God of the universe, who loves me beyond words, who wants to use this situation to get to know me and inscribe His true promises and His big dreams in my heart. And the only way that cam happen is if I let Him get close enough to hold me.

    • Ana, thank you for posting this. You don’t know how much it means to me to read what you’ve written. The dream that I believe God is placing in my heart is somewhat similar to your story of your house. But I doubt that it can happen financially, not that I doubt God could do it, but is this a dream that He’s giving me or is it one that I’m making up.

  35. I do find that I worry at times, and the thing I have found to help me the most is being grateful for the many blessings I have received, and recalling the ways God has provided in the past, whether it be through guidance, or receiving something, or whatever God has done to show me that He has it all under control.

    I think Holley’s book looks like it will be great!!

  36. Love to read anything my favorite author loves to read!! Going after a wonderstruck life!

  37. My husband and I just came out of a period of changing many things in order to begin our God-sized dream. It was scary and we took a leap of faith (big for us type-A, planners!) and allowed God to take control. It has been the best gift. Sadly, in the past few weeks, we have been attacked financially, personally, and in our children’s health that I have started to doubt this “dream”. I feel as though we should retreat back into our old ways where life was more consistent but my husband is strong enough to pray for the both of us right now where I am now uncertain. This book has been bombarding my twitter and blog feeds just this week and I hear God telling me I need to read it. Win this book or not, I think I need this in this moment, right now. Thank you, Holly, for such wise words.

  38. Lynn Shoemate March 2, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    I don’t really struggle with worry, just believing God-sized dreams can come true for me.

  39. I think at some point I lost my dreams along the way… Holley’s books seems like an encouraging read.

  40. God size dreams wow!Sounds like a good read.

  41. Love Holley Gerth’s writing!

  42. A little over two years ago God laid out my future during an intense prayer time. At the time I marveled at what I’d written in my prayer journal. About six months ago I revisited the journal and noticed that everything had come true except for the last piece.
    The last piece scares me to death. Worry? It’s beyond that. Is there a chance I can I actually do it? Will I be successful? I don’t want to let God down and I don’t want to fall on my face either. The fear is almost paralyzing.
    Every piece of that answered prayer has been about performing His work – ministering to His people. It all looked ominous in the beginning, but really, without much gnashing of teeth on my part, it’s all fallen into place. So why am I stuck now? I have no idea. But it remains a God-sized dream that I truly want to accomplish. Yet, until I can truly move forward it will remain just a dream.
    Will Holley’s book help me break through this morass I seem to have found myself in?

  43. Kelly Goodman March 2, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    Worry … hmmm. I try not to worry, but it catches me up a lot. I try to remember my grandma’s advice about worry. She’d tell me, “Now, Sis. Worry is like a rockin’ chair. Gives ya somethin’ to do, but gets ya nowhere.” LOL! I also try to refocus & give it to God. Afterall, he knows what I’m dealing with and how it will pan out.

  44. I’ve been fighting with my worries since I remember. My dad is a person whom cannot see the good side of the things but sees the bad first.
    I grew up in El Salvador during the war and my family suffered a lot of things. We even lost one of my brothers, whom was already a Christian, but since those day I’ve been struggling with a lot of fears.
    I became Christian when I was 8 years old, I’m a pastor’s wife whom has been working at church for almost 20 years, and in the process of moving to different countries, I’ve lost a lot, material and my own dreams.
    I really don’t know if I can dream again. I’ve seen a lot of my dreams and hopes died or at least got lost, and a lot of times, I’m more concern about the future, and I feel like my prayers are not been heard, and the worry comes again over and over.

  45. I LOVE Holley Gerth, and would love to get her newest book…thanks for the chance!

  46. Wow…what an amazing journey I have been on the past year! After the breakup with my fiancé, already being a Christian but now have totally surrendered my life to God! Releasing all to Him and when I begin to worry about something I cast it right up to Him…it works and I would not have believed it before now…I was without a job for 15 months and can say the I never had a worry or doubt that He would provide as promised in Matthew 6:26. I knew He had a plan and it took some time to unfold It became apparent over the last six months that I was supposed to work with hurting, disadvantaged children and teens and I just started a new job at a local adoption, foster parenting and family service agency and have been asked to be involved in the new local House of Hope…God is good all the time..All the time God is good!

  47. I loved Holley’s first book. Would very much like to get my hands on the new one! Thanks for the giveaway, Holley and Margaret.

  48. I’d like to shift the blame: i am married to a Worrier! It is true; and for a long time, i ate at the same table of anxiety – worrying about his worrying! Thankfully, God’s Grace and Wonder does grow the sun that can eclipse ! Wonder at God and let’s share our wonder over how our worries dissipate!

  49. My God-sized dreams have died:( wondering if this is because it wasn’t God’s dream, but my own!

  50. I would love to read this book. I have a hard time dreaming.

  51. My God-sized dream, is something I don’t even think I can type yet. May just leave it between me and God right now

  52. The title of Holley’s book ties in so perfectly with The Circle Maker! I am dreaming big and waiting for my miracle!

  53. Cristy Carnes March 3, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    My God sized dream is to open an holistic wellness center. I never thought I would be able to do such a think, but the Lord has been working wild things in my life in the past few months. I lost my job in December due to my health issues and at first I thought it was the end of the world, but was I wrong! This job lost has allowed me to chase my dreams and follow my calling!

  54. Dusty B. Allison March 4, 2013 at 4:11 am

    Especially as women I believe we often do not allow ourselves to dream because of responsibilities and fear of failure. I look forward to reading Holly’s book.

  55. I just purchased 2 books of Holly’s the other day! Would LOVE to win a copy of her latest. Thanks for a great giveaway. 🙂

  56. God is calling me to take bigger steps of faith with Him lately! He is trying to teach me Ephesians 3:20-21. I would love to read Holly’s book to continue to spur me on!

  57. I still struggle with worry, but am starting to see victory in this area as I renew my mind and take every thought captive to Christ. Scripture memorization has been extremely beneficial in my battle to overcome worry, fear and anxiety.

  58. I just found her last week! I’m so in the middle of trying to figure out my God-sized dream and struggle so much with worry. PICK ME!!!!! 😉

  59. I’m currently reading ‘Your’re Already Amazing’… a gift from a great friend!!! Would love to win this book. I so love when one of my favourite authors is connected to another fav!!!

  60. I do struggle with worry. What helps me are the times when I remember Gods past faithfulness. I let that build my faith. He is the same yesterday, today & forever!

  61. I’ve been following Holley for several months now and I just purchased her book this morning. Only a few pages in and I know it’ll be a great read. I’m thankful for her God-Sized Dreams and for using her message to encourage other dreamers. What a blessing when we work as the whole body fitly joined together! Thanking God for the doors He has, and will continue to open, for my God-Sized Dreams. I will be sharing this book with others.

  62. I recently connected discovered Holley Gerth’s blog and would love to be included in this giveaway. Thanks for your generosity!

  63. God-sized dreams! I LOVE this. I was instantly convicted just reading the title. I’ve given my dreams over to worry more times than I’d like to admit and more times than I count. As long as I can remember I can worry with the best of them. It’s tragic really as I’m limiting my own faith. I’d love to win a copy of this book.

  64. Holley has such a beautiful and encouraging way with words. Loved “You’re Already Amazing” and can’t wait to read her new book. Thanks for the opportunity to be included in the drawing.

  65. One way I try to keep dreaming and cease worrying is by keeping a journal of promises, dreams and encouragements God, myself and others has shared. When I am tempted to lose hope, I pull it out and start reading. I am amazed how often I have forgotten how many promises God gave thru dreams, visions, songs, words, scriptures, friends, sermons, nature, etc. And I begin to declare those things back over myself with a thankful heart: “Thank you God that you call me ____. That you promised ______. Thank you that you have _______________ to see this happen for your word declares _____________.” It is amazing how quickly my heart turns from worry to wonder.

  66. The title of this book actually scares me…maybe I need to read it!

  67. SO would love to read this book. Would love it for free even more.

  68. this book looks fabulous. i would love to get my hands on it!

  69. My God-sized dream: To play catch (baseball) with celebrities to raise awareness about human trafficking in a project I’m calling “Free 2 Play Catch.”

  70. Would love to read this book. I would love to hear more about God-sized dreams!

  71. God is good! I stumbled upon this blog post right when I was asking these questions… should I be taking this leap of faith? is this crazy? How will my finances hold up?

    I’m the biggest worrier I know. and I realize it’s prevented me from experiencing God’s provision in my life on several occasions. I want to Dream God Size Dreams, but I need to leap into the unknown and trust that God will catch me!!! I think it’s time I actually do it.

  72. Sounds like a Wonderful Book to inspire and help us move forward into what GOD has planned for us — oh how I could use this right about now!

  73. I often find that my heart and mind are closed off to God when I am worried or anxious. It is so easy to be thankful when things are going well. Prayer and trust in God is a challenge for me when I am worried or scared. I need to remember that God has a plan for me and I need to trust and believe in it.

  74. Right now, I’m not even sure what my dreams are. I’d like to figure that out, and when I do, I’d like to be sure it’s what God wants for me and go for it. Would love to win the book!

  75. It seems like I am stuck in the spin cycle right now, I see a dream but can’t get out of where I am. Would love an opportunity to learn more about God’s plan for my life.

  76. Thanks so much for your kind words and sharing your hearts here, friends! I’m honored!

  77. I worry a lot less than I used to, but still struggle with some areas of worry — have to give it up daily to the Lord for sure! As far as dreams go, I’m not sure I have allowed myself to do that. I have something in the back of my mind that seems too incredible …. and too scary! Would love to read this book!

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