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The Wonder of God-SIZED Dreams


That last few weeks have held their share of questions. Like ping-pong balls they ricochet through my mind.

What if I fail?

How will I get through this financially?

Should I really take that leap of faith

Bounce after bounce the noise gets louder. And then one day a divine hand reaches down to snatch them in mid-air with these words:

Turn your worry into wonder.

After that the rhythm changes.

If God set the stars in their place, why should I worry?

If God knows every hair on my head, why should I be afraid?

If God is true to His Word, why should I doubt?

Yes, I still ponder what’s to come but it’s from a different place–one of trusting God already has the solution even if He hasn’t revealed it to me yet.

Being wonderstruck about who God is changes how we see wonder in our daily lives too.

Oh, the worry still comes back at times. It’s a hard habit to break. Those ping-pong balls hit the table and I’m in the middle of chaos again.

It’s not game over for me when it comes to worry just yet. But more and more…

Wonder is winning. 

Does anyone else struggle with worry? What helps you?

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Don’t wait another day to awaken to the God-sized dreams inside of you!
What is your God-sized dream?

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