Writers Boot Camp Margaret Feinberg and Jonathan Merritt

Do you have a story that’s burning inside you? A message that you need to share? A publishing career you’re ready to finally launch?

For years, I’ve listened to countless people talk about writing a book. Dream about writing book. Imagine themselves on The View sharing about their book.

And. Never. Write. The. Book.

Worse, I’ve listened to those who finally published the book and then allowed discouragement to prevent them from writing another because they didn’t have the tools and techniques to succeed.

It’s time for that to change. It’s time for your God-given dream to come true.

That’s why, alongside Jonathan MerrittI’m hosting Writers Boot Camp at my home in Morrison, Colorado, October 27-29, 2014.

Jonathan and I have been working together for years. In 2006 outside of Atlanta, we forged a friendship over breakfast at the quaint Magnolia Bakery. At the time, Jonathan was an aspiring writer with only a single published article to his name. Today, Jonathan Merritt has written three critically-acclaimed books and is recognized as one of the premier religion writers in the nation whose articles are read by more than 2.5 million people each year.

Together, we’ve invested more than 1,000 hours formulating a unique audience-centric, content-driven approach to writing. Our approach has been tested and refined in thousands of articles at some of the most prestigious publications in America as well as in books distributed by more than a dozen publishers. After nearly a decade in development, we’ve decided to share our techniques with other writers and those who want grow a successful publishing career and help them realize their dreams, too.

Whether you’re a novice or veteran writer, this boot camp is designed to help you:

  • Identify your target audience
  • Tell a killer story that will captivate your audience
  • Kick your writing up a notch with easy-to-implement tips and teaching
  • Grow your online platform through proven techniques
  • Develop a big idea and fuel your creative fire
  • Get ahead through an insider’s look at the latest changes in the publishing industry
  • Implement tactics for living a successful writer’s life
  • Become a more focused, savvy, and confident writer
  • Grow relationships with other writers, bloggers, and speakers

Writers Boot Camp Margaret Feinberg and Jonathan Merritt

For this week only, we’re offering a special registration price of $199 which covers all teaching sessions, as well as a homemade dinner by Leif at our home on Tuesday evening. Act fast, space is extremely limited. Price increases on July 28th.

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