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When we choose to faithfully pray for wonder, we can’t remain the same.

A prayer for wonder invites God to begin transforming us from the inside out. [Tweet this]

When we pray for wonder and live eyes wide open to wonder, the tone and tenacity with which we live our lives changes. We become expectant to catch glimpses of God in ways we’ve never seen Him before. We begin dismissing mere chance and embracing divine appointments.

Some people live as if they’re looking for Satan under every bush.

I’ve always thought: Why spend time looking for an enemy when you could live your life in hot pursuit of the Savior? [Tweet this]

Praying for wonder invites you to turn your eyes on God. A prayer for wonder invites you to look for God under, in, and behind every bush. [Tweet this]

A prayer for wonder puts you on high alert for God and His handiwork and join to God in the great plan of redemption He’s unfolding throughout the earth. [Tweet this]

The truth is praying for wonder will change you. Forever. And that’s a good thing.

As you pray for wonder today, pray that God will change you. Pray that you will experience and find God in all you do, everyday. 

Be Transformed By Just One Prayer (and a Wonderstruck Wednesday Challenge)

Wonderstruck Wednesday Challenge: Pray for pixie dust today. Ask God to shower you with his grace, favor, and delight. [Tweet this] Then live wide-eyed for the unexpected ways God may answer. Live with an awareness of divine expectation today. Join us online by posting the three wonders on your Facebook Page, Twitter or Pinterest using the hashtag #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK.

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