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As followers of Jesus, we have the opportunity to live each day in wild amazement of God. If we pay attention, we can begin discovering the wonders all around us—those moments of spiritual awakening that spark our curiosity to know God more. [Tweet this]

Each Wednesday, we’re challenging you to find the wonder in your life. We’re praying that each week you cup your hands in prayer and scrunch your face against the vault of heaven in childlike expectation. As you pray for wonder, may you be wonderstruck.

Every day we will focus on a different opportunity to find wonder in the ordinary (and sometimes the extraordinary), and we invite you to post your experiences, your aha moments, and your photos that display what you’re discovering along the way. Whether you post on Facebook or your blog, Pin on Pinterest, Instagram or Tweet, use hashtag #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK. We’re going to be looking for you, celebrating with you, and even giving gifts to you along the way.

It’s probably not a surprise that one of the great sources of wonder in my life is our superpup, Hershey. Through his furry little presence, I’m reminded of spiritual principles including faithfulness, unconditional love, unbridled joy, and obedience. [Tweet this] Take a few moments to spend time with your pet and reflect on what your animal has revealed to you about God, His ways, and His handiwork in your life.

If you don’t have a pet, take a few moments to YouTube fun pet videos. These are a few of my favorites: Dancing Cockatoo and Beagle Puppy Howl.

Wonder Challenge: We want to see a picture of your pet today! Share a photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Be sure to use hashtag #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK so we can all share and celebrate in the wonder of God’s creatures together!

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The invitation to lean into the Holy Spirit is for you, yes, you. Today, it matters that you share the story God is writing in you. Will you courageously share what you sense the Holy Spirit nudging you to do each day?

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