The dictionary defines wonder as being filled with “admiration, amazement, or awe; marvel.”

In so many ways, those are the fruits of life with God. We are created to live in such a way that our lives are acts of worship where we express our adoration, affection, and appreciation of God at every turn. The presence of God and His work in our world should leave us awestruck.

Now let me be clear: experiencing the wonder of God isn’t about landing a crazy story to tell our friends or experiencing pimply goose bumps.

The wonder awakens us to dive even deeper in our relationship with God.

That’s why I offer the following definition:

The Wonder of God: A moment of spiritual awakening that makes us curious to know God more.

When Your Faith Feels Stale

The wonder of God stirs our spiritual longings and makes us hungry for God in ways that often lead us into moments of transformation. Our eyes open. Our ears hear. Our hearts soften in the presence of God. Our wills more readily yield. Our worship becomes more honest and heartfelt. Our prayers become more vibrant.

Hope blossoms. Faith grows. Love abounds. [Tweet this.]

Will you join me right now in praying for wonder? Offering a prayer for God to lavish you in pixie dust?

Stop. Drop. Pray.

Ask God to unleash His wonder in your life like you’ve never experienced it before.

Now live today expectant for how God is going to answer.

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Wonderstruck Wednesday Challenge:

Start a Wonderstruck Journal on old-fashioned paper or even online. We want to invite you to begin seeing the wonder of God with others. Take a picture. Write a blog post. Share on your Facebook page. Create a Pinterest pin. Tweet. And each time you do, use the hashtag #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK.

We all need to be each other’s eyes and ears and hands when it comes to recognizing and experiencing the wonder of God.

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When Your Faith Feels Stale