A member of our Partymob, Sarah, sent us this story that illustrates the miracles and breakthroughs people are experiencing as they begin to pray for wonder and ask for God to astound them (Isaiah 29:14):

I’ve been enjoying a preview of Wonderstruck and praying for wonder—asking God to surprise me with the awareness of His presence. I saw Him in a windswept palm tree and smelled Him in a whiff of an old book.

I kept praying, expecting more little surprises.

Today I began to tackle a stressful task: closing the final account in caring for my father’s estate.

I’d been putting this off for months. Going through my dad’s papers fills me with memories of a dark time, and I wasn’t sure it was really worth the effort anyway. Dad died a thousand miles away. Bank forms vary from state to state. The details were complicated. By the time I paid legal fees, I knew there wouldn’t be any money left.

I prayed for wonder and strength today, and I took my kids to the bank. My children squirmed but miraculously stayed quiet.

After the bank officer spent two hours on the phone with the legal department, I left with a check. No legal fees. No waiting. No more forms.

I didn’t just begin the process today—I finished. The burden of closing out my father’s estate is lifted. And God even threw in some money too—which couldn’t have come at a better time.

I am wonderstruck!

While I worried about this for months, unsure of what was needed, I already had it. All I had to do was ask.

There is a great spiritual lesson here, but tonight I am just wonderstruck by the lightness I feel.

God is busting at the seams to display His glory, power, and might in your life. And He wants to give you the greatest gift of all—Himself.

Will join me and thousands of others, like Sarah, and begin praying for wonder?


Together, let's prepare our hearts for Christ's arrival as we stay on the lookout for wonder and joy all around. 

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