orion-nebula3 copySweet friends,

We’ve heard from some of you asking, “Where is my copy of Wonderstruck? Why is it taking so long to arrive?”

Here’s the insider’s scoop: The book was never supposed to ship until December 25, but a handful of retailers jumped ahead and started shipping books ahead of time.

Because you were so kind to show so much excitement, support, cheer for the book, many of the retailers sold out of the book before it ever released.

The good news is that second print run will return from the printer on January 2. On that day, our publisher will be firing up the turbo props to get Wonderstruck to every retailer and distributor so they can get your copy to you.

But in the meantime, some of you may receive emails from online retailers asking if you want to wait or cancel your order.

Will you please extend us kindness and grace? Will you please tell them you’re happy to wait? We promise this is a book worth waiting for—a special gift awaits for you or someone you’re going to pass the book onto inside.

A few of you have mentioned that you can’t order more than 4 books from Amazon. Know that our friends have BarnesandNoble.com have stepped in, matched the Amazon price of $7.57, and extended free shipping to offers of $25 or more. We know neither retailer can maintain this generous pricing. If you’re considering ordering any more copies, don’t wait.

Who won the KindleFire?

Can you call something randomly selected if we prayed before making the random selection?

We’re not sure how to answer that one. But the winner of the KindleFire is:

Brenda Marlar

In case we haven’t told you lately, we’re wildly grateful for you and we’re praying that God awakens the wonder in your life throughout 2013.