The Secret of a Life Well-Lived

Sometimes it feels like the speed of change is surpassing the speed of sound. The explosion of change in technology, communication, and the world is booming all around.

In the midst of the noise, I find myself anchoring myself to the ancient truths found in the person of Jesus of Christ.

The Secret of a Life Well-Lived: What's Your Legacy?

I’m not alone.

Millions upon millions of others have answered the call the follow Jesus. Despite the booming, noisy changes all around, they continue following, obeying, and responding Jesus.

Day after day.
Week after week.
Month after month.
Year after year.

Until they’ve followed Jesus for a lifetime. These are my heroes.

Sometimes people ask me what’s the greatest joy about spending time on the road and traveling to different churches, conferences, and retreats. I often say that going someplace is new is always a great gift, but going back is even better.

Because the second and third and fourth time, we get to share our ongoing story of what Christ is doing in our life and more importantly, hear and listen to others.

We get to share the journey of following Jesus—the highs and lows and unexpected blows—together.

And as we share our stories, we get breathtaking, wondrous glimpses of God.

We see the wonder of God’s faithfulness, goodness, love, and tender care on display in flesh and blood. That which we read in the Scriptures is embodied in these courageous men and women’s lives. And their stories strengthen my faith.

Stories of pastors who continue to serve congregations faithfully despite unprecedented hardships.
Stories of leaders who are willing to pour out their lives to better a community.
Stories of men and women who are sharing the wonderful news of Jesus in their workplaces.
Stories of people giving sacrificially to care for those who have less.
Stories of individuals giving voice to those who have no voice.
Stories of dads and moms who are not just caring for their own kids but so many kids in their neighborhoods.

Day after day.
Week after week.
Month after month.
Year after year.

Listening to their stories leaves me wonderstruck.

May we be people who follow Jesus not just for today or tomorrow but for a lifetime—and share our stories with each other.


Unlost by Michael Hidalgo

This week, were giving away 3 copies of Unlost by Michael Hidalgo.

Michael, his wife and three children live in Denver, Colorado. He is the Lead Pastor of Denver Community ChurchMichael writes frequently for Relevant Magazine and God’s Politics Blog.

Michael spent years wandering away from following Jesus.

But quickly realized that the more he wandered, the more lost he became.

Something inside of him could not let go of the idea that maybe if he did turn toward home God would run to him. Michael opened himself to the idea of grace, and it all made sense.

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