The One Resource You Shouldn’t Be Without

Readers often ask me what my typical regimen looks like when I’m researching for books and Bible studies.

The truth is—it always looks different.

For the book and Bible study for Scouting the Divine, my research was hands on. Leif and I visited a shepherdess in Oregon, a beekeeper in southern Colorado, a farmer in Nebraska, and a grape-grower in Napa Valley, California. I latched on to each new friend’s words and insights, hungry to unwrap the goodness of Scripture once again.

Other times you’ll find me hankered down on my well-worn green couch with a daunting stack of books nearby, pouring over used commentaries I scored off Amazon.

Still other times, I sign Leif and me up for crazy-pants adventures like the time we traveled to Croatia to pick olives. And sometimes my research isn’t formal at all—chance conversations on golf courses, finding pixie dust on my favorite trail, and sitting in a hardened pew on a Sunday morning.

But I can’t help but shout out about one of my favorite and most-useful research tools: Logos Bible Software.

This downloadable Bible software is a must-have investment for all pastors, teachers, and writers who long to dig deep into Scripture. Logos Bible Software 5 is a high-end desktop app that helps people study the Bible in ways that fit their lives. Logos 5 digs deep into the Bible and hundreds of books with fast, precise searches, rich original language tools, and a smart theological library on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Here are 5 of my favorite features of the Logos 5 Bible Software:

1. The Timeline. Logos offers a timeline that features everything in biblical, church, and world history from Genesis to the present. Each event on the timeline then links to more information so you can dive even deeper. Each time I scroll through the timeline feature on Logos, I’m reminded of how great our God is to have it all under control.

The One Resource You Shouldn’t Be Without

2. The Bible Sense Lexicon. Have you ever heard a pastor say, “Well in Biblical Greek, this phrase actually means…” The Bible Sense Lexicon takes biblical words and connects their meanings using Greek, Hebrew, and English to discover how specific or general a term is. This feature is helpful for everyone—Biblical language scholars to church-goers to better understand Scripture.

The One Resource You Shouldn’t Be Without

3. The Audio Bible. As many of you probably remember, a group of crazy-pants friends and I read the entire Bible during Lent this year. One of the most helpful resources during that time was the ability to listen to the Bible being read to you while I hiked or was stuck in traffic. Logos’ software has an audio Bible feature that can be paused and picked right back up on your phone or another computer.


4. The Passage Guide. What may appear as basic Bible text, is actually so much more. Each reference to Old Testament passages is noted and linked. As you hover over every word, you see the word parsed in its original language. At any point, you can double click on a word to open up a definition and other places that word is located in Scripture.

The One Resource You Shouldn’t Be Without

5. The Bible Facts. Did you ever wonder how characters in Scripture were related? The Bible Facts feature opens up the door to learning more and more about what you’re studying. Say, for instance, you want to know about Solomon. Bible Facts opens up dozens of family trees, Scripture references to where he’s mentioned in the Bible, and descriptions of his role in Scripture.

The One Resource You Shouldn’t Be Without

The newest Logos software takes a little time to learn the ropes (only because there are so many AH-mazing features), but the team at Logos offers helpful YouTube videos to assist.

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To pick up a copy of Logos 5 for your library, click here.

What is your favorite tool or resource when it comes to studying God’s Word?

*Logos offered a download of their software for the purpose of review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. There are no affiliate links within this blog.

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