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On far too many days I read the Bible and don’t connect. It feels flat. Cold. Distant. The pages may contain timeless tales, but they feel boring. Flat. Stiff. They feel written endless miles away, in distant cultures, far off lands, a way of life I can’t relate to no matter how I try.

Some days I slam the book shut, hoping, praying the next time will be better.

Am I the only one?

Agrarian themes. Distant countries. Foreign culture. Sometimes it just doesn’t make any sense.

But deep down inside I hunger to know God. Ever since The Organic God, you know that on almost a daily basis, I pray for spiritual hunger. I ask God to make me ache for Him, to hunger for Him above all else.

Will you pray that prayer with me today?

God, make me ache for you. I long to hunger you above all else.

The Bible provides the smorgasbord my soul craves. Scripture is the love letter that God hands us to know Him. When Scripture comes alive in our hearts, it doesn’t just inform us as much as transform us. We become more than good people; we become godly ones who walk, talk, and live different.

Scouting the Divine Book and Bible study are my pilgrimage to understand portions of Scripture that seem distant and dated, confusing and contradictory. It’s a spiritual journey from reading the Bible to being ushered into the story. To taste and touch, see and savor Scripture.

Sometimes to understand the Bible, you’ve got to get your hands dirty.

Grit underneath your fingernails. Sweat dripping from your brow. Squishy unmentionables beneath your feet.

The Word may wash us (Ephesians 5:26), but experiencing the fullness of it requires us to get dirty.

I set off on a wild spiritual adventure. I spent weeks with a shepherd in Oregon, a farmer in Nebraska, a beekeeper in Colorado, and a vintner in California. With each person, I opened up Scripture and asked, “How do you read this—not as a theologian—but in light of what you do every day?”

Their answers changed the way I read the Bible. And I have a feeling it will do the same thing for you and your family during this Online Summer Bible Study.

Come along as we scout the divine—searching for ways in which the Creator reveals facets of Himself through His creation.

What do you say? Are you ready to get to know God and His Word like never have before?

We’ve been counting down the days until the start of the Scouting the Divine Online Summer Bible Study. And we are so.downright.excited to kick things off today. (Psst—it’s not too late to join us! Click here to learn how).

Each week, we’re going to dive into a session of Scouting the Divine book and Bible Study.

This week:

  • Session 1: Encountering God as the Good Shepherd (8:48) on the DVD.
  • Respond to the introduction and first session of homework in the workbook (pages 9-31).
  • Wonderment – chapter 1.8 (pages 9-34) in the book.
  • Interact in the Facebook Group. Share what ideas or phrases that catch your attention. What God is challenging or showing you through the material. How we can pray for you. And of course, you’re welcome to send in quirky questions, too, since I’ll be interacting with them throughout our time together. Leave your thoughts at or on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using #ScoutingtheDivine.

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