Write Brilliant

Sometimes I let my mind wander to the ways God could have answered Job during his pain, loss, and hardship.

God could have worn an academic hat and explained in theological terms why bad things happen to a good person.

God could have secured a helmet on and described in sporting terms how Job’s life had turned into a brawl.

God could have tugged a hoodie tight and hidden as He explained in mysterious terms Job’s series of unfortunate events.

But He doesn’t. Instead God…

God wears a safari hat and takes Job on an unforgettable and wild tour of creation.

God uses nature to reveal His nature.

God peppers Job with questions: “Who cuts a channel for the torrents of rain, and a path for the thunderstorm?” (Job 38:25) and “Who has the wisdom to count the clouds?” (Job 38:37).

To which, only one appropriate answer exists.

Through God’s breathtaking speech, Job is invited by the designer of the cosmos to reflect on the constellations of the night’s sky (Job 38:31-33) and the cumulus clouds of a summer’s day (Job 38:34-38) through different lenses.

More than a tour from the zookeeper or botanist, the Creator of All embarks alongside Job on a sacred safari that includes donkeys (Job 39:5), wild ox (Job 39:9), ostriches (Job 39:13), hawks (Job 39:26), eagles (Job 39:27) and much, much more.

After listening to God, Job is wonderstruck and simply can’t see any creature—whether a lion (Job 38:39-40) or a mountain goat (Job 39:1)—the same way again.

And neither should we.

Now let me be very clear: creation is never to be worshipped, but creation beckons us to seek God and worship the Creator.

Throughout creation, we have the countless opportunities to catch glimpses of God’s handiwork and admire facets of His character that will leave us wonderstruck

The signs and symbols of redemption, the message of God’s love, are woven throughout the natural world from the foundation of the world.

God’s nature is revealed in nature.

I’ve experienced this in my life on countless days and nights leaving me wonderstruck by God’s presence.

Looking out at breathtaking views, I can’t help but wonder, “Who am I that God, the One who created all things, would desire a relationship with me?”

My time chatting with a shepherdhess, snuggling cotton ball sheep, reminds me of the Good Shepherd’s deep love.

While hiking a steep mountain, I’m reminded of the importance of perseverance and tenacity in my spiritual journey and rediscover at the summit that nothing is impossible with God.

Standing on a white sand beach, I look across the ocean and glimpse the vastness and power of God. In an instant, my world becomes right sized.

On those mornings, I awake before my alarm and slip out of bed, the golden glow of sunrise harkens that God’s mercies are renewed each morning.

Looking up into a dark starry night, I can’t help but reflect on the promise given to Abraham concerning his descendants and catch a glimmer of God’s faithfulness.

In the stillness, I thank God for such beauty.

Such sights are nature’s way of reminding us to look up, down, and all around for God and consider the work He wants to do in our lives—especially in those moments when we lose our way.

And I don’t want you to miss the invitation to experience the wonder.

Beginning July 9th, we will spend six weeks reading and studying God’s Word. I promise, by the end of these six weeks, you will never read the Bible the same way again. 

Through this 6-week DVD Bible study, we’ll get our hands dirty in Scripture as we dive into the meaning of the more than 700 references to sheep, shepherds, and flocks throughout the Bible. We’ll spend time with a beekeeper to understand what it means to live in a land overflowing with milk and honey. We’ll tour a farm to better understand principles of sowing, reaping, and harvest. And we’ll walk through a vineyard to understand the depth of Jesus’ invitation to “abide in Me.” With each adventure, God will peel back wonder upon wonder, revealing more about himself, his character, his deep love.

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Start asking God what wonders he has up his sleeve to reveal to you this summer.