“The seventh day of creation is the most eloquent and insightful as to the nature of God. From a literary perspective, the Sabbath forms the pinnacle of the story. Like the dramatic kiss of a soldier returning from war, this is the moment we’re not meant to miss. In choosing rest as the grand finale, God reveals himself as one driven by neither anxiety nor fear but one who finds gladness in both the work of creation and the creation of work.”

–Margaret Feinberg, Wonderstruck

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I find myself wonderstruck by how God is revealing His wonders to readers far and near who are answering the call to…

Lift your head.

Open your eyes.

And live awake and aware.

We’ve been flooded with stories, testimonies, and tales of people—just like you—learning to #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK each day.

For today’s Sunday Still, I wanted to share just one:

“How could I not notice the new snow? I scraped the icy crystals off the hot tub cover before sinking into 102 degree hot water. Pure white snow is covering the mountains in the distance and the trees and ground right in front of me! Then I looked up and saw the pink tinge on the clouds.

Immediately, God brought to mind my spiritual condition.  “Though your sins be as crimson, I will wash them whiter than snow.”

No matter how high or low you are today, I will cover you.

I will cover your deepest valleys and your highest peaks with my love and forgiveness.

You may try to wash out the red and pink of your sin, but you can’t ever get it pure white. Only I can do that, and I do it well.  My eyes went from the pink clouds above me to the pure white clouds over the snow-covered mountains, and I ‘got it.’ In God, I am pure white; even the pink is gone from His view.

Thank you, Jesus, for this incredible, visible, gift of love.”

You’re invited to share, savor, and celebrate the wonder all around—treasures awaiting in the mundane and every day. Where are you seeing the wonders of God?


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