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How to Slow Down Today

Last Friday, I hopped in my car and buzzed down our street off to run errands.

My mind flooded with what I needed to get done that day, the grocery list, and a full inbox waiting for me on my computer. I was feeling overwhelmed by all the to-dos I had to check off.

As I was driving, a brown, furry friend sauntered in the middle of the street.

I brought my car to a stop in front of Mr. Deer, but my frustration fumed. He was moving so slowly. He refused to get out of my way. I honked and inched forward, begging the little guy to move his tail. Didn’t he know I was in a hurry?

He looked up at me, frozen directly in front of my car. And as if on cue, a dozen of Mr. Deer’s friends plodded their way in the middle of the street. Right. In front. Of me.

Just as my impatience boiled up, I heard a familiar God-whisper:

Slow down.

Notice the beauty all around you.

Celebrate my gifts to you today.

Drink in the wonder.

How to Slow Down Today


My impatience and frustration quickly melted as I made the decision to #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK. To see and savor the wonder of God all around—even in the mundane. [Tweet this] Mr. Deer wasn’t an adversary anymore, but a gift to be remembered.  A reminder to slow down and rest in the wonder of God.

How to Slow Down Today

Slowing down didn’t mean I got less done that day, but instead of focusing my attention on my checklist and endless errands, I set my eyes on the wonder of God all around. The cloud formations. Hershey’s sweet cuddles. The gift of friendship. Instead of finding myself stressed and overwhelmed, the more I looked for God’s wonder, the more peace reigned in my heart.

Today, join me as we slow life’s pace. As you run errands, check chores off your to-do list, or empty your inbox, will you look for God to meet you? [Tweet this] Will you choose to #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK by the gifts of God all around?

OH! Can I offer a free gift to help you see and savor the wonder every day?

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