Here’s the Truth About Reading the Bible

Today, I want to turn cartwheels.

Why, do you ask?

Since the beginning of March, over 50 thousand online friends from around the world took up the #LentChallenge to read through the entire New Testament during the 40 days of Lent.

We’ve been gulping around 7 chapters or 30 minutes of Scripture every day. I’m so spiritually full, I feel like the buttons of my jacket are popping off.

Today, we celebrate with everyone who has completed the #LentChallenge, as we rejoice the resurrection of Christ.

Even if you’re still making your way through the New Testament, my hunch is that your heart has been expanded like mine. Not only have I experienced this growing appreciation for God, His Word, and His work in our world, but I’ve had this pounding sense of expectation for today—Resurrection Day!

Today, we can be grateful that death has no sting under grace.

Today, we are reminded that nothing can come between us and our great God because of the Resurrection.

Today, we are expectant for all Christ is doing and will do in our lives.

Join the chorus: He is risen! He is risen indeed!

How has reading the New Testament during Lent prepared your heart for Resurrection Sunday?

Together, let's prepare our hearts for Christ's arrival as we stay on the lookout for wonder and joy all around. 

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