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Our Gift To You: FREE Reading Plan For The 40-Day Bible Reading ChallengeThis Lent I sensed God nudging me to read the entire Bible through in 40-days preceding Easter.  I selected The Message Bible for its readability and fresh prose. I invited people to join in. More than 5000 people around the world downloaded The 40-Day Bible Reading Challenge.

Over the last two months, I’ve heard from pastors, friends, moms, dads, grandmas, and more who have been diving into the Scripture and drinking in the fullness of God’s Word at the pace of about 30 chapters a day.

But along the way, I’ve also heard from many of you who said, “I wish I would have known sooner!” and “I really want to do this!”

So we’ve created a 40-Day Bible Reading Challenge that you can download for FREE that will help you read the entire Bible in 7 weeks.

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Our Gift To You: FREE Reading Plan For The 40-Day Bible Reading Challenge

Grab a friend. Invite a co-worker. Ask your daughter or son. Call grandma or grandpa. And join in on diving into the great big story of God.

For those of you who joined in to read the entire Bible during Lent, what advice, tips, or insight do you have for those just beginning this journey? [Tweet this] 

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