The One New Year's Resolution You Can Make Happen Today

I don’t know if caring for those in need made it to on your New Year’s Resolution list—or if you even made a list at all. But there is a resolution that’s worth making and keeping today…

Last spring, Leif and I had the opportunity to travel to Nairobi, Kenya, to visit our sponsored child, Nairesiae, or what I like to call her: “Little Flower.”  We had the chance to see behind-the-scenes of what Compassion International is doing worldwide. And we saw a way to make a big difference.

You can begin changing a life today.

Here are 3 powerful ways that you can impact someone’s life in real, tangible ways: [Tweet this]

1. Adopt a child.

For only $38 a month, a little over a dollar a day, you can make sure that a child enjoys a meal and access to education. For many of these children, it’s the only meal they’ll eat that day. And it makes a huge difference.

One of the many reasons that we adore Compassion International and the work they do is that they partner with the local church. We’re huge believers in local church ministry and the role they play in influencing a society physically and spiritually. We also love their commitment to fiscal responsibility including low overhead and 80% of funds going directly to the meeting the needs of kids.

More than anything, your sponsorship will bring a child HOPE. Hope that they can break the cycle of poverty. That there can be a new normal with education, meals, and a future. And introduce them to the hope found in Jesus Christ. Click here to select a child to sponsor, today.

2. Write your child.

Maybe you already sponsor a child through Compassion. One of the many things that makes Compassion International unique is their emphasis on the sponsor/child relationship through letter writing. You may not think that letter makes a difference, but often the students save your letters for many years.

While in Kenya, I asked one of the older students what makes a good letter. He advised the following:

  • Respond quickly so the conversation can progress
  • Share what you’re learning and experiencing in your life and about God (don’t just talk about the weather)
  • Tell them about your work, what you do, and what you like about it
  • Offer words of encouragement in their education and spiritual growth

If you haven’t written your child recently, jump online and email a letter on the Compassion site today.

3. Give your child a gift.

I used to ignore that little line that said “Extra Gift,” thinking I was already doing enough and it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

That is until I looked in the eyes of my “Little Flower.”

The One New Year's Resolution You Can Make Happen Today

When I met her parents and walked through her tiny dung home, my eyes were opened to what a gift could do. We gave her family money through Compassion for a new roof, new clothes for her, and a box to keep her clothes away from the dust, water, and dirt.

I realized that the extra gift, which felt like a small offering, is an extravagant provision and answer to prayer for them. And now I’m more invested in Nairesiae’s life.

So today: Go online. Adopt a Compassion kid. If you already have one, write your compassion kid. And when your monthly support form comes, fill in the blank with a little extra gift. [Tweet this]

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