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A hidden chord rests in your soul. You have brushed up against it before. Every time you do the sound that emitted brings joy not just to you but everyone around you.

This is a chord we must all learn to play. Better. Often. Loud. Beautiful.

This chord brings Jesus great joy.

Today, we continue with the #LentChallenge in Luke 17—a chapter that calls us to unlimited forgiveness dynamic faith, and unwaivering faithfulness.

Lent Luke and Acts THUMBNAIL(NOTE:  Click here to download a FREE one-page reading guide of Luke and Acts. or upgrade to the downloadable ebook called The 40-Day Live Lent Challenge: A Color Method Study for Luke-Acts for only $8.99. This 200-plus page booklet includes: a welcome letter, the reading plan, instructions on how to use the Color Bible Study Method, ideas on how to get the most from your study, creative artwork, and space to journal and doodle.)

Then Jesus makes a pitstop between Samaria and Galilee. Ten lepers bellow at Jesus from a distance. These suffering ones have spent their lives keeping their distance.

From friends.
From family.
From strangers.
From anyone.
From everyone.

The cruelty of leprosy crushed the body, the mind, the spirit. Isolation. Unclean. Misunderstood. Yet this band of lepers rose up to ballyhoo for help.

Jesus. Master. Have mercy on us.

A short prayer. A simple request. A handful of syllables that would transform their lives forever.

Jesus instructs them to visit the health inspector, the priest, to certify their cures.

A chord of gratitude reverberated in one of the 10 lepers so loud and clear he had to return to Jesus. Thankfulness abounded from his lips. Appreciation dripped like honey.

Jesus tells the man the restoration is more than skin deep. Jesus’ healing extends throughout his whole being—body and soul.

Ten were healed, but only one struck a chord of gratitude.

Gratitude is an essential facet of our faith. When ever we encounter Christ and his healing power, his readiness to set us free, we must remember to be like the one.

Not the other nine.

Today, may you and I be the one. The one who resounds with gratitude. Who booms with thankfulness. Who echoes with holy acknowledgment.

May we be a people who create a chorus of gratitude for all God has and will do in our lives.

What are you learning in today’s reading of the #LentChallenge?


If you’re reading along using The 40-Day Live Lent Challenge: A Color Method Study for Luke-Acts, we caught a day missing! You’re going to need this print out for day 14. So sorry for any inconvenience. Happy Coloring!

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