Mistakes that Refine Instead of Define

Welcome to Week Five of Pursuing God’s Beauty: Stories from the Gospel of John. This summer, we’re digging deep into God’s Word and praying that with a word, passage, or story we will be wonderstruck by Scripture and fall in love with the Bible once again, or maybe for the first time. (Join us! Click here).

Here are four things you must know before diving into John 18-19:

1)     All four Gospels agree that one of the challenges to Peter came from a slave girl. In other words, Peter denied his faith to someone who posed no threat to him. The strength and fervor in Peter’s previous declaration that he would lay down his own life for Jesus (John 13:37) stand in stark contrast to denying Jesus to a slave girl at night.

2)     Barabbas’ name can be translated as “son of the father.” This phrase parallels the way John’s Gospel describes Jesus throughout the text. The people literally chose between two different sons of the father in John 18.

Check out this awesome video about Barabbas from Seattle pastor, Judah Smith:

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3)     Some scholars believe the day of preparation during Passover refers to the day in which the lambs are being prepared for execution at the temple. Thus, Jesus’ preparation for crucifixion (John 19) parallels the preparation of the Passover lambs.

4)     Jesus’ final cry—“It is finished”—in John 19:30 are not words of defeat, but a powerful declaration that Jesus has triumphantly fulfilled his mission. [Tweet this]

Mistakes that Refine Instead of Define

Here’s the homework for Week Five: Mistakes that Refine Instead of Define:

  • Watch Session Five (Mistakes that Refine Instead of Define) on Your Pursuing God’s Beauty DVD (14 minutes) and begin working through the homework.
  • Read John 18-19.
  • Come back to MargaretFeinberg.com on Thursday, the same day you can enjoy the Midday Connection podcast on the session, to discuss what God’s revealing to you along the way. (To subscribe to the RSS feed so you don’t miss a beat, click here).

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FOR DISCUSSION: Answer the following questions as a comment to this blog post. Feel free to ask questions, reply to others’ comments, and post prayer requests.

  • If you had the chance to sit down with any of Jesus’ disciples, whom would you meet? What would you ask them?

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