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How to Make 2014 a Year of Wonder

Wonderstruck is more than a book and Bible study—it’s a way of living awake to the wonders of God all around.

The wonder of God, those moments of spiritual awakening that make you long for more of God, is woven throughout your life. [Tweet this]

It’s waiting in your friendships and family, your workplace and church, your extraordinary moments and in your mundane, in your joys and your tears. Wonder is found in the delicacy of a falling snowflake when we consider the One who made it and laughter of a child when we listen close.

We want 2014 to be a year marked with the wonder of God. [Tweet this]

That’s why we’re inviting you to share where you are experiencing and seeing the wonder of God using the hashtag #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK. We want to be each other’s eyes and ears as we see and savor the wonder of our great God together.

As a launching pad, we’re offering a free gift just for you. [Tweet this] When you subscribe to, you’ll receive a copy of The Fourteen Days of Wonder Devotional and Journal.

In the devotional, we’re challenging you to not only pray for wonder but reflect on the wonder of God and engage in activities that awaken you to wonder. A different activity is provided for each day.

This is a time of prayer and seeking God that can change your entire year.

How to Make 2014 a Year of Wonder

To join us for the 14 days of wonder, subscribe to, by clicking here. You’ll receive a link to access the PDF download. You can begin the adventure as soon as you receive the devotional.

We’re praying that during the 14 days you choose to follow this devotional, you will sense the Holy Spirit leading you to do and say things you may have passed by before. That God will unleash His wonder in your life like you’ve never experienced.

To get your copy of the free devotional and journal, The Fourteen Days of Wonder, click here.

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