Here’s a Story That’ll Stay with You Today: How to Give Joyfully (Plus a Giveaway)

Generosity inspires generosity.

One of our dear friends, Brad Formsma founded I Like Giving in 2010 to inspire people around the world to live generously.

The stories they share continue to inspire tens of thousands. Here’s how it all began:

This story from Brad’s newest book, I Like Giving, left me wonderstruck and challenged to give joyfully:

I Like Sharing the Dance

Most people would say that the sweetest moment of a wedding is when the father of the bride and his daughter take the dance floor. But I disagree. There’s something brilliant and touching about a mother’s relationship with her son, and though it’s often overlooked, it’s that dance that shouldn’t be missed.

Nathan is one of seven children in our loud, boisterous, and blended family. His father and I divorced when Nathan was young, and we’ve never been amicable. Nathan’s stepmother, Eve, wasn’t the reason we’d divorced, but I haven’t spoken to her more than a few times in twenty years.

When Nathan and his fiancée, Holly, began palling their wedding, we knew the family dynamics could get awkward. WE prepared for the worst, but hoped for the best, and deep down, all I wanted was for Holly to have the best day of her life.

On a hot and humid August day they said “I do.” Tears were shed, pictures were taken, and the reception began. And then it came, the emotion-packed, wildly underrated dance with mother and groom.

Though I wish I could say we looked like a pair from Dancing with the Stars, our twirls were comical at best. Still, this was my last dance with my son, and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to take that away. As we were enjoying the moment, I caught sight of Nathan’s father and Eve who were in the crowd looking on. They were smiling.

Suddenly, an idea was impressed upon my mind that I couldn’t ignore. I looked at Nathan and asked, “Do you think Eve would like to dance with you?”

In that moment, Nathan understood the weight of my tiny offer-which bubbled up from some place I didn’t know existed. I wanted that dance but somehow after years of this Cold War, I found the strength to step aside, and let Eve finish the dance with my son.

Later, I thought back to that turn on the dance floor, and realized something profound. Eve’s son Gabriel was engaged in 2002, the same year he was killed in a car accident. And that’s what made my little gesture so important.

The dance I shared would be the only mother-son dance Eve would ever have.

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