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All too often during Lent, the focus pinpoints what people give up. Sugar. Twitter. Netflix.

But what if this year you focused on what you’re laying hold of?

The 40 days preceding Easter can be some of the most life-giving, perspective-changing, hope-filled days of the entire year—not just for me, but for you.

Four years ago, we read the entire Bible during Lent. The following year we read the entire New Testament, then the Gospels, then Luke-Acts. Hundreds of thousands from around the world have joined us in reawakening to God through focused Bible reading, study, and reflection.

After much prayer, I’m inviting YOU to join me in reading one of the most beloved books of the Bible: The Gospel of John.

I believe in the six-ish weeks of Lent that God wants to speak to you and I through Scripture.

But maybe, like me, you’re looking for something thicker, more long-lasting where you can underline, circle, star, add exclamation marks and take notes.

I’m excited to announce I’m organizing the Lent readings into a printed booklet, Beloved: 40-Days in the Gospel of John.

This workbook contains the whole text of the Gospel of John in various translations so you can read, color, and doodle along the way. There will also be coloring page borders to each page to help you reflect and color your way through the Scripture.

This will be an extremely limited edition. You can secure your pre-order copy today.

You’ll have it before the kick off of Lent on March 1.

And, for my International friends, you can download the PDF eBook of Beloved, here.

Even if you can’t commit to read through the Gospel of John, will you commit to dive into one book of the Bible or study an Epistle, or just read the red words of Christ this Lent?

Let’s not miss our moment to grow closer to Jesus this spring.

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