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I am still in awe that more than 400 people applied and wanted to be part of our launch team for Wonderstruck, affectionately known as “Partymob.” These old and new friends have been sharing about Wonderstruck on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and their own websites.

Today, I wanted to introduce you to a few more of our dream team members who have left me wonderstruck in their support and love:

“Being caught up in the wonder of God in my wounded mess allows Him to heal me. As He heals me, the wonder of who He is grows even more. For this I can never stop standing up for His truth. For this I can never stop proclaiming His goodness. He loves us so much!” –Kara Nichelle | Read more here

God’s wonder is all around us and visible throughout the day.  A tiny bud breaking through on an early spring day.  The warmth of the sun on a cold winter morning.  The vast unknown of the night sky.  These all speak to the wonder of God.” –Meagan at Blooming with Books | Read more here

“When I intentionally see God in the wonders of each of these moments, then they are no longer the stressors of my life, they are moments to stand in wonder of a great God who saw fit to place himself in the midst of my mess. They are opportunities to worship and wonder at all God is and who he wants to be in my life.” –Joy Qualls | Read more here

“In Wonderstruck, Margaret presents a question:  How often have I rattled on with God and said nothing at all? My mantra has become: Less of me, more of you God.” –Becky Alcantar | Read more here

“Reading Wonderstruck challenged me to pray to ‘lay hold of the wonder of God.’” –Sharon | Read more here

Here are Partymob members and friends who have given shoutouts to #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK:

Jennifer Grant | Follow Jennifer on Twitter

Angie Vallejo | Follow Angie on Twitter

Abby Norman | Follow Abby on Twitter

Jon Acuff | Follow Jon on Twitter

Felecia Clarke | Follow Felecia on Twitter

Karla | Follow Karla on Twitter

Dave Zimmerman | Follow Dave on Twitter

Tri Robinson | Follow Tri on Twitter

Mark Howell | Follow Mark on Twitter

Tony Morgan Live | Follow Tony on Twitter

Suzie Genin | Follow Suzie on Twitter

Scot McKnight | Follow Scot on Twitter

John Jackson | Follow John on Twitter

Jennifer Dukes Lee | Follow Jennifer on Twitter

Ben Reed | Follow Ben on Twitter

Crystal Rowe | Follow Crystal on Twitter

Jacob Coon | Follow Jacob on Twitter

Michael Kelley | Follow Michael on Twitter

Rick Howerton | Follow Rick on Twitter


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