Learn More about Jewish Midrash: The Organic God is Finally Releasing in Paperback & Ebook

After six years as a hardback book and 11 printings, Zondervan is releasing The Organic God in paperback and on Nook, Kindle, and ebook formats. [Tweet this] (Note: It’s already available as an audiobook and Bible study.)

Not only did The Organic God receive a starred-review by Publisher’s Weekly, but the book attracted wide-spread national media attention including mentions in the Washington Post and Dallas Morning News.

The Organic God book and Bible study takes a look at the attributes of God that we don’t talk about as much—God’s bigheartedness, stubbornness, beauty and mystery. [Tweet this] The book invites readers to take off all the “filters” and “pollutants” that contaminate our spiritual lives and fall in love with God all over again.

Here’s an interview excerpt from Christianbook.com  in which they ask about the book and Jewish midrash:

Christian Book Distributors: Briefly tell us what inspired you to write The Organic God?

Margaret Feinberg: Though I had grown up going to church and even graduated with a Bachelors in Religion focusing on New Testament studies, I reached a place in my faith journey where I began taking a spiritual inventory and realized that while I knew a lot about God, I really didn’t know him. So I began to pray, “God, I want to know you like I’ve never known you before. I want to know you organically.”

Now the word organic may seem a little strange, but it actually means three things: natural, pure and essential. And in so many ways isn’t that what we all want in our relationship with God? We want a relationship that is natural not forced or coerced. We want a relationship that is pure because it’s founded on God’s Word. And we want a relationship that is essential, because he is our life.

I thought, how do I get to know God? And I knew there was only one way, the Bible. I began going through the New Testament and key books of the Old Testament and writing down every single verse that revealed something about God. I studied God’s names and nicknames, his likes and dislikes, those places in scripture where he’s so readily apparent and those where he’s withdrawn. This spiritual journey is the basis for The Organic God.

Learn More about Jewish Midrash: The Organic God is Finally Releasing in Paperback & Ebook

CBD: You mention being raised in a household with a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother. Please tell us how this shaped your spirituality at a young age and how it was that you came to know and follow Jesus.

M: Both my father and mother came to know Jesus a month before I was conceived, so I was essentially raised in a Christian home with hues of Judaism. I accepted Christ as a young child in a Christian school. I thought it was a good idea, so every time they gave an altar call, I went up. Finally a teacher told me, “Margaret, once is enough, you don’t have to keep on coming up.” I listened to her for the next invitation to know Christ. Then, I skipped her advice just in case she was wrong.

To this day, I have a great appreciation for the Jewish roots of my faith and enjoy Jewish commentaries, culture, and of course, the potato latkes… and more.

CBD: You share the process of examining the Scriptures with deep exploration, study and reflection – a process called “Midrash.” Here you note certain Biblical passages revealed fresh as they never had before, such that the meanings had convicted your heart in new and life-transforming ways. Many have yet to engage in this sort of Scriptural study. Could you share with us this process and what followers of Christ stand to learn from the Ancient Jewish tradition?

M: This method of study invites us to wrestle with God through his word. In Hebrew, Midrash means to search out. Midrash asks the reader to look at difficult Scriptures, ask questions, and try to make sense of them before God. Midrash invites us to have some holy chutzpah with the Bible and to trade in a surface understanding of scripture for a deeper grasp of a passage’s meaning and along the way discover more of God and his ways. The questioning, the searching out, becomes a foundation of growth and discovery.

Organic GodIf you’ve never read The Organic God or gone through the Bible study, you’ll find this book awakening your spiritual hunger for God.