Leif and I had the privilege of sitting down with the head of Kenya for Compassion International, Joel, to learn more about their work to serve more than 93,000 kids throughout the nation.

“What’s the hardest part of your job?” I asked.

“Capacity,” Joel said. “We’ll have several hundred kids in line to get into one of our projects, but then there will be 50 or more that we have to say no—we want to help but there’s only so much you can do.”

“How do you keep your heart soft?” Leif piped in.

“Thank God for what you have. Be thankful. And never get used to it. This isn’t about Compassion, the organization, but compassion to do what you can as you can.”

How To Punch Hopelessness in the Face

Joel shared how he grew up walking to school barefoot—with few to no resources on hand. As a kid, his life seemed normal because it’s all he knew. But when someone comes in and shows you that life can be lived differently then you get a vision for what your life can be. [Tweet this]

“The big issue is hopelessness,” he said. “When you don’t believe you are anything, you become nothing.

How To Punch Hopelessness in the Face

Many don’t want their hope to be raised because they fear disappointment, he explained.  But he and those with Compassion want to give people a new narrative.

With food, education, social skills, proper nutrition, information on sanitation and more, people begin to see that the cycle of poverty can be broken, must be broken. When hope begins to bloom, people begin to discover than anything is possible. [Tweet this]

As I listened, I couldn’t help but reflect on the truth that hopelessness isn’t a struggle just among those living in extreme poverty, it’s an issue that we all face—the rich, the middle class, the poor, the young the old, the most educated, and the least educated.

The blows of life can tempt us all to give up hope

to play it safe

to risk less

to eventually give up

until darkness extinguishes the last embers of hope.

So how do we punch hopelessness in the face? [Tweet this]

One of the best ways is simply to give hope to someone else. When we give hope through the sponsorship of a child with Compassion, we begin to see that no one is beyond hope, or redemption, or restoration.

When we invest in a child’s life—giving them food, education, a healthy community of friends, people who are for them and want to see them grow into all God has for them—hope begins to burn bright again.

How To Punch Hopelessness in the Face

Will you consider sponsoring one of these incredible children in Kenya or another country in the world through Compassion, by clicking here, today.

Don’t wait another day to punch hopelessness in the face. [Tweet this]

How do you combat hopelessness in your own life?