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This holiday season our home became Animal Planet.

I wanted to tell you sooner, but had to keep everything under wraps. We were hiding Christmas surprises for families we love.

We kept an adorable American Eskimo pup for the four days before Christmas. That’s when this little guy entered our lives. He doesn’t look real.

Soon a Bengal kitten joined the pack. Look at those gorgeous stripes.

Needless to say, our home filled with crates and cages and carrying bags and kitty litter and pee pads and piles of treats and toys and scoops. Oh my!

So the puppy, Snowy, and kitty, Nali, joined Hershey, our 13-year-old superpup. All of the animals loved people… and all wanted to be Alpha….which made for some fun moments.

But in the end we learned to cuddle and play together. If you can’t tell, everyone loved Leif!

Then came Christmas morning…delivering the fluffy joy known as Snowy to a beloved family and teary children…

Snowy did well in the box, but our Bengal kitten…well, he thought the ribbon on top was his toy and reached out the entire drive….

But Christmas joy soon arrived in another family’s home…when the son asked, “You mean, we can keep him?”

So that’s a little photo journey of our Animal Planet Christmas. We had so much fun, I’m thinking about launching a Hide-Your-Animal-Christmas-Surprise service for Christmas 2019. Just kidding. Sort of. But if you’d like a little more cheer with a splash of chaos in your next Christmas, consider hiding a pup or kitten for a holiday surprise.

In the meantime, enjoy this last closing pic. Much love, Margaret

What did you do this Christmas to add a splash of joy? 

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