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How My Faith Has Changed Since The Organic God

Over the last year, my friends at Zondervan have been hard at work taking the hardback version of The Organic God and bringing it to paperback. Since the book’s release in 2007, more than 50,000 people have been through The Organic God book and 6-session DVD Bible Study.

The new paperback version makes my husband, Leif, who carries the majority of books around the country to events, very happy.

But it also made me happy, because the re-release gave me the opportunity to take a good, hard look at the book and reflect on how I’ve changed since The Organic God over the last six years. Here are some areas of change:

1. God’s faithfulness. God has always been faithful, but I stand in awe of how He’s proven Himself to be true that the work He has begun in me… and you… He has not given up on, not deviated, not let go of…but is committed to bringing it to fruition that you and I may radiate Christ even more. Gratitude abounds.

2. Affection for God. The prose in The Organic God is so simple yet expresses this heartfelt delight and adoration and desire for God. The same hunger for God expressed in the pages of The Organic God remains with me today. Only now it’s deeper. Stronger. Wider. It’s weathered more storms. Seen more answered prayer. Watched miracles unfold. The hunger for God—and the prayer for hunger—remains. In fact, the last time I prayed for hunger was…today.

3. Comfort level with such a non-traditional upbringing. Surfboards and starfish and sailboats and ski bums. My childhood contained wild twists and turns that shaped me into who I am today. Since The Organic God, I’ve become more comfortable in my own skin—which includes my unorthodox childhood. Future books will contain even more wild tales. (Hint: Cactus Jack from Wonderstruck, anyone?)

4. Growth as a writer. I care far more about tight sentences, surprising turns of phrase, and punchy verbs than ever before. In another 50 years, I hope to write something breathtaking. For 21 ideas on how to become a better writer, click here.

5. I’ve both been healed and hurt and hurt and healed many times since. One of the chapters that I’ve gotten the most letters about over the years is the chapter on being hurt in the church. Turns out that almost everyone who gets near a church becomes bruised.

When I re-read the chapter about being hurt in the church, I grinned and winced. I smiled at God’ ginormous love, healing strength, and ability to take wounded saints like us, patch us up, and get us back out on the field. And I’m grateful—not just for my healing, but His healing for all His children. Indeed God is The Healer. The Restorer. The Redeemer. Of. All. Things.

How My Faith Has Changed Since The Organic God

Despite the smears of makeup and stains on her dress, the Church remains the bride of Christ—to be strengthened, honored and adored. [Tweet this]

Overall, republishing The Organic God has reminded me how much I am head over heals in love with God, His beloved Son, and The Holy Spirit—and want to be even more so with each passing day.

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