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So I recently shared an ode to muffin top and how I’ve gained some weight during 2020 (which many of us have). But I HAD NO IDEA those extra pounds would save me!

Leif and I swim a lot, so we decided to get CPR/Lifeguard training to help anyone distressed in the water.

The Saturday training session included almost five, yes, f-i-v-e hours in an 81 degree pool. Two hours in, the ‘skin and bone’ peeps started shivering. By three hours in, their teeth chattered and limbs shook involuntarily. Some dunked in the warm pool to get through the course.

Leif and I felt the chill of the water, but never became super cold.

Why? Because of our 2020 fluffytown. Yep, the extra insulation came in handy :).

So if you find yourself with a little extra fluffy (weight gain) just know it may come in handy in ways you never expected.

[Note: This is where I’m supposed to tell you to get to the gym, eat lots of greens, and drop that weight…but, well, nah. Let’s worry about those things another time :).

Much love,


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